Top 10 Micro Finance Institutions Based on Capital (as of March 2018)

In Ethiopia, micro finance institutions (MFIs), which were mostly founded with the aim of fighting poverty, play a big role in addressing the needs of people who are considered ‘high-risk’ by commercial banks. In a country where over 77pct of the population is unbanked, MFIs provide loans to the large portion of the population with very few assets.There are currently 35 MFIs operating in the country, which disbursed ETB27 billion in credit in the 2016/17fiscal year, according to the National Bank of Ethiopia. Until the end of the 2016/17, the number of active borrowers from the 1,743 MFI branches spread across the country was 4.6 million. Omo, Amhara Credit and Saving Institution (ACSI) and Oromia Credit and Saving (OCSSCO) lead in number of borrowers with 1.2 million, 1.1 million and 946,577 customers, respectively. During the same period, the total deposit of all MFIs reached ETB26.7 billion, while their assets reached ETB55 billion. On the other hand, the total capital of MFIs reached ETB12 billion. ACSI, OCSSCO and Addis Credit and Savings Institution are the most capitalized MFIs in Ethiopia.



Total Capital

Amhara Credit and Saving Institution

ETB 5.2 billion

Oromia Credit and Saving

ETB 2.3 billion


Addis Credit and Savings Institution

ETB 1.2 billion

Dedebit Credit and Savings Institution

ETB 975 million


Omo Micro Finance Institution

ETB 450 million


Vision Fund International

ETB 443 million


Aggar Microfinance Institution

ETB 197.8 million


Wassa Microfinance Institution

ETB 159.5 million


Adeday Microfinance Institution

ETB 112.5 million


Specialized Financial and Promotional Institution

ETB 107.6 million

Source: National Bank of Ethiopia

6th Year • Sep.16 – Oct. 15 2018 • No. 66


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