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Ethiopia is identified as one of the four African countries in PC16 – Post China 16: countries best suited to succeed China as the world’s low-cost, export-oriented economic hub, according to a projection by stratford, a renowned geopolitical intelligence firm. The report indicates, the international system opens the door to low-wage countries with appropriate infrastructure and sufficient order to do business. Low-wage countries seize the opportunity and climb upon the escalator of the international system and development.

Ethiopian Business ReviewAugust 15, 20139253

The Ministry of Education (MoE) will soon start classifying private schools in the country into different categories based on a package adopted in March 2013. Schools will be categorized from level 1 through level 5 based on standards included in the new package. The new document entitled National Schools Classification Package, is an extension of the quality education package that the Ministry introduced in 2006.

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