Ethiopian Business ReviewNovember 24, 202138

Among the pioneering private commercial banks, Dashen’s shareholders have decided to almost double the bank’s paid up capital to ETB12 billion. The 25-year-old bank was established with 11 shareholders which has grown to over 2,000 alongside a current capitalization of ETB5.4 billion. Moreover, Dashen has also announced that it has earned over ETB2 billion in profit from gross earnings of ETB10 billion from the last fiscal year which concluded on June 30.


Ethiopian Business ReviewNovember 7, 202167

Dashen Bank has announced the launch of an exclusive partnership with American Express this week. The bank believes the products will significantly benefit overseas-travelling customers by
enabling easy use of foreign currency during card transactions when travelling outside of Ethiopia.
Asfaw Alemu, CEO of Dashen Bank, said that as the payment industry continues to evolve and regulations start to relax, it has allowed travelers to make easy, secure, and convenient payments
globally, avoid the potential risk of carrying cash, and give customers freedom when shopping. The bank’s customers that are allowed forex deposits are permitted to use this card.


Ethiopian Business ReviewOctober 27, 202136

Ethiopian Business Review | EBR, a leading business publication, would like to strengthen its research wing and is looking for qualified and competent professionals for the EBR Economic Research & Business Intelligence Unit. See attachment for details.


Ethiopian Business ReviewOctober 27, 202129

CHAMPiON Communications, publisher of Ethiopian Business Review | EBR, a leading business publication, and Addis Maleda, a trusted news outlet, would like to recruit a competent Executive Editor, the highest decision-making position in the company. See attachment for details.


Ethiopian Business ReviewSeptember 15, 202166

The 100th edition of Ethiopian Business Review (EBR) magazine was colorfully celebrated at Radisson Blu hotel yesterday, on 14th of September 2021. 

The event was attended by Yonathan Tesfaye, Deputy Director-General of the Ethiopian Media Authority, Amare Aregawi, Executive Chairman of the Ethiopian Media Council, senior government officials, partner organizations, and invited guests.


Ethiopian Business ReviewSeptember 1, 202123

Terje Skjerdal, is Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at the Norwegian NLA University College, with decades of engagement with Ethiopian media with a focus on the conduction of research in collaboration with Addis Ababa University. In February 2021, Skjerdal published “Ethnification of the Ethiopian Media,” a research peace alongside Mulatu Alemayehu (PhD).

He argues that although it seems that ethnicity has become the new mainspring, it has always been an undercurrent in the Ethiopian media and journalism landscape. EBR had an audience with him to learn more about recent developments observed in the media sector.

Throughout history, Ethiopians have fought with external enemies numerous times but also frequently with each other. Even after the birth of modern Ethiopia, war, insurrection, and rebellion has continued. This infighting has drained the nation’s resources and withheld it from development and progress. Not long ago, Ethiopia hosted one of the bloodiest civil wars in history. The military spending during in the 1970s and 1980s drained the national budget and left Ethiopians to crawl into the poverty trap.

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