Seyoum GetuNovember 1, 201220399

Ethiopian Revenues and Custom Authority (ERCA) is planning training of more than 1200 logistic operators in November, 2012 Ethiopian Business Review learned. Applicants have paid 6528.84 birr each to receive training. Upon completion, the trainees will receive certificate of competence which will make them eligible to get license for transit and logistics services.

The authority set the new training after considering repeated request by importers and exporters.

Ethiopian Business ReviewNovember 1, 201214330

The Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority’s achievement in collecting an aggregate of 70.7 billion birr in 2011/12 is 39.22 per cent higher than the previous year, and almost 93 per cent of its stretched plan for 76.3 billion birr. However, the government expected ERCA to collect 70 billion birr for the year. From what it was supposed to collect as per the plan of its supervisors, ERCA’s achievement was above target.

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