Ethiopian Airlines remains the top aviation brand in Africa’s Top 10 most admired brands in 2023. The airline flies to 131 international passenger and cargo destinations, including 63 African cities. With this figure, the airline enjoys the status of flying to more destinations on the continent than any other airline in the world. Among the 14 African brands in the Top 100 globally acclaimed brands, South Africa and Nigeria hold the most significant proportion of the African countries of origin.

The US dollar is the most common currency that comes to mind when discussing the World’s strongest currencies. Indeed 60Pct of global trade is conducted in USD. To everyone’s astonishment, the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD), not the US dollar, is the strongest currency in the World.

A debt-to-GDP ratio is an economic term that contrasts a country’s public debt with its gross domestic product (GDP), which measures the total worth of all the goods and services it produces. The debt-to-GDP ratio, which is stated as a percentage and provides a quick estimation of a country’s capacity to repay its current debts, is frequently used to assess the stability and health of a country’s economy. It is commonly estimated along with metrics like GDP per capita, GDP growth, GNP, and GNI per capita, which relates to one another.

There is a saying that states that everyone is impacted by gender disparity, which is accurate. Any community forbidding women from working merely ensures that it will always be impoverished. In many societies around the globe, women outnumber men. Denying women the chance to work means simply that they will be unable to contribute to creating wealth. Instead, they would be totally reliant on the men, turning into liabilities rather than the contributing members of society they should be.

Video gaming is no longer just a pastime for the young. The size of the global video game market has increased as younger generations have grown up with video games as a staple of daily life. According to some projections, the United States topped the list of the largest gaming marketplaces globally in 2022, with revenue of 54.9 billion dollars. China’s video game market came in second place, with yearly sales of over 44 billion dollars.

According to reports, grains, of which wheat is a significant component, are the most imported agricultural product in Africa. Meanwhile, due to excellent agro-climatic conditions, nations in East Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zambia have the potential  to produce wheat locally.

The majority of African nations imported their wheat from Russia and Ukraine. For instance, the majority of the wheat imported by Egypt, the top buyer of wheat in both Africa and the globe, comes from Russia (60 Pct) and Ukraine (22 Pct).

The ten states with food crises in 2021 were the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Yemen, northern Nigeria, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Sudan, South Sudan, Pakistan, and Haiti. Nearly 70 Pct of the world’s population is thought to be in crisis or worse or an equivalent situation. Acute food insecurity was the main cause of conflict or insecurity in seven of these countries.

Africa is home to some of the world’s largest dams for the purpose of generating electricity from the power of water. While the world transitions to cleaner forms of power, dams have been a reliable source of electric energy for centuries or millennia—generating substantial amounts of electricity. Home to the Nile, Congo, and Niger Rivers, the abundance of water systems in Africa has resulted in a resurgence in the construction of massive dams to manage the supply of water distribution and generate hydroelectricity throughout the continent.

Every year, the African Business Top 250 Companies charts the rise of innovative, strategic and resilient African businesses that straddle the continent, make huge profits and invest billions into Africa-wide strategies to seize future opportunities.

Telecommunications firm MTN Group soars from #13 to #4 on this year’s ranking after more than doubling its market capitalization to USD24.5 billion, up from USD11.1 billion in 2021.

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