Samuel HabtabJanuary 16, 2021


Urban thinking is often shaped by artistic touches. A simple painting can change minds, more than lectures or politicians’ speeches. A city with more artistic room can transform residents into civilized minds rather than modernization enthusiasts. For street artists thriving to bring such taste, Addis Ababa is rather a construction site than an inspirational neighborhood. Street art, an under formation concept in the capital, has to compete for space, amidst growing use for walls, buildings, structures, and outdoor spaces by commercial ads. Samuel Habtab, traveled around with groups of street artists rebranding the capital.

Redeat GebeyehuDecember 24, 2020


Piracy is the major factor challenging the emerging music industry in Ethiopia. According to studies, 80Pct of the music sold in the country is pirated. To fight piracy, few individuals are trying by employing an internet-based application to create a formal music market and reverse the misfortune. Established by a group of artists including the late Elias Melka, Haile Roots, Dawit Nigussie, and Jonny Ragga, Awtar, a mobile application where users can search the music archive and download songs and albums on their phones, is one of the upcoming methods to fight piracy and sell music works to the public. EBR’s Redeat Gebeyehu explores how the technology is changing the music industry.

Samuel HabtabDecember 16, 2020


Meron Hailu, 34, is an artist employing the unique technique of making artworks with textile materials and fibers rather than paint on canvas. She also teaches at the Ale School of Fine Arts and Design and is among a few Ethiopian artists that have mastered textile art. EBR’s Samuel Habtab visited Meron’s first solo exhibition to learn about her and textile art.

Dawit AstatikeOctober 15, 2020


With the coronavirus pandemic outliving its expected short term stay in the world, early international measures of total and partial lockdown seem to have abated. Mankind has tapped into its age-old skill of adaptation to revert back to normal life under a pandemic-ravaged world. As a key example of a sector that has been severely affected by the pandemic, the fine arts business has been forced to bend forcefully under the tidal waves of isolation. However, a new approach is on the horizon. EBR’s Dawit Astatike looks into the rising trend of virtual art exhibitions.

Kiya AliAugust 30, 2020


The age old claim of Ethiopians that their country is the cradle of mankind has been scientifically proven right. Archaeology and carbon dating have provided evidence that early mankind hailed out of present day Ethiopia. Since then, we have heard a number of internationally recognized people from across the world site that fact to claim that everyone is Ethiopian after all.

Kiya AliAugust 15, 2020

The Flourishing Art of Special Effects and Prosthetic Makeup

As Ethiopian films fundamentally offer ‘normal’ characters with minor or no special
features on their bodies, the role of special effects and prosthetic makeup has been very minimal in Ethiopian film making. That might be about to change as a new breed of young talent is taking up special effects and prosthetic makeup. Kiya Ali explores.

Kiya AliJuly 30, 2020


Abraham Gezahegn is a prominent Ethiopian film maker. In addition to the immense popularity he enjoys domestically, Abraham has won various international film awards. With strong script writing and directing skills, he represents a rare quality in Ethiopia’s weak film sector. Ethiopian films have been attracting a very small amount of viewers over the past few years. Distribution, screening and copy-right related issues have also weighed down on Ethiopia’s already struggling craft. Abraham seems to have found a way around the problem by venturing outside of the country. Kiya Ali profiles the talented film maker.

Kiya AliMay 15, 2020


Yared School of Music is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. The School has achieved a lot over its 74 years of service. Institutions that operate for such a long time mostly transcend to a higher level of excellence and push themselves further to explore the possibilities that could shape the future. However, the situation in Yared does not seem to adhere with that. EBR’s Kiya Ali explores.

Kiya AliApril 15, 2020

The Masinqo Rockstar

Haddis Alemayehu, better known as Hadinqo, is part of an elite group of masinqo players who have become popular amongst urbanites. With his unique style, Hadinqo has pushed the frontiers of the masinqo further by fusing the traditional with modern music. Hadinqo started playing the traditional single string instrument played by a bow attached on its ends by another string when he was 17. It took him, however, more than a decade of consistent hard work to enjoy the level of recognition he has today. Nowadays, Hadinqo graces the concerts of internationally known Ethiopian musicians such as Mulatu Astatke and Teddy Afro. EBR’s Kiya Ali profiles the 29-year-old Artist.

Kiya AliMarch 15, 2020


Contemporary dance is growing in Ethiopian cities and towns. Talented youth in relatively large numbers join the dancing world despite the absence of specialized institutions or training centers teaching the art. It is also becoming a source of income for youngsters, although the payment is not ‘commensurate’ with their efforts. EBR’s Kiya Ali explores.

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