Jiji Enters Ethiopian Ecommerce Sector, Targets Growth

Jiji, Africa’s leading classified platform, has announced the launch of its premium services in Ethiopia. This milestone marks a step in Jiji’s growth as it aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region.

Jiji’s premium services offer promotional tools and features that enable businesses to advertise their products and services across key categories such as property, vehicles, and more. The packages, which include Basic, VIP, Diamond, and Enterprise options, provide solutions to meet the needs of businesses.

One feature is the “Pro Sales” promo, which allows sellers to pay for clicks and control their spending, empowering them to optimize their marketing efforts.

Ethiopia’s ecommerce market is poised for growth. Market projections indicate that revenue in the Ethiopian ecommerce sector is forecasted to reach USD 465.70 million by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.30% through 2029, ultimately reaching USD 869.50 million. Furthermore, the number of users is expected to climb to 3 million by 2029, with an average revenue per user (ARPU) of USD 261.

“Our goal is to stimulate the growth of the economic market by empowering individuals and businesses to engage in commerce, reach new customers, and grow their enterprises,” said Anton Volianskyi, Jiji’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Jiji’s success in other major African markets, such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana, where it boasts over 12 million monthly unique visits and hundreds of thousands of businesses on its platform, positions the company well to replicate its achievements in Ethiopia.

As a community-centric brand, Jiji is committed to collaborating with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the Ethiopian SME and ecommerce landscape to ensure its premium services meet their needs. This approach, coupled with Jiji’s offerings, positions the platform as a driver of economic growth and digital transformation in Ethiopia.

Eden Teshome

Editor-in-Chief of Ethiopian Business Review (EBR). She can be reached at

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