With its distinct ecoregions and vast range of fauna and flora, the area is home to Ethiopia’s second-highest peak as well as otherworldly landscapes—the Harenna Forest and Sanetti Plateau. Religious tourism, also present at Sof Omar and Sheik Hussein’s tomb, brings numerous Muslim pilgrims. With the recent advent of hiking groups making such travels more accessible to locals, the region stands to win if enabling infrastructures and sustainable development putting locals at the center are employed.


This month hosts both Abiy Tsom and Ramadan, the biggest fasting seasons for Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia. Thousands pray longer and harder every day in this season, more restrained from worldly activities and more in tune with the purification of the body, mind, and soul. This remains Ethiopia’s social capital for centuries gone and to come. Beyond a personal and spiritual experience, religion remains the frame embodying nationalism and a defining concept for unity, culture, art, and perseverance. Specially, the reputed St. Raguel Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Anwar Mosque, located next to each other in Mercato, Addis Ababa are symbols of harmony particularly in the crowded fasting seasons.

After so many years of trials and setbacks during revisions, the Commercial Code has finally crossed the last legislative milestone, an approval by the Parliament on March 25, 2021, repealing the old Commercial Code of Ethiopia, which was in service for the last six decades. The revision started three decades ago, but partly because of the lack of institutional will and political instability, it has taken decades to get past the Parliament. The last two years of Ethiopia’s political transition have seen a flurry of major legislative reforms, and it is perhaps no coincidence that the revision of the Commercial Code has been successful during this period. Now, Ethiopia has a new insolvency law.

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