The Enduring Worth of National Prayer

The Enduring Worth of National Prayer

This month hosts both Abiy Tsom and Ramadan, the biggest fasting seasons for Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia. Thousands pray longer and harder every day in this season, more restrained from worldly activities and more in tune with the purification of the body, mind, and soul. This remains Ethiopia’s social capital for centuries gone and to come. Beyond a personal and spiritual experience, religion remains the frame embodying nationalism and a defining concept for unity, culture, art, and perseverance. Specially, the reputed St. Raguel Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Anwar Mosque, located next to each other in Mercato, Addis Ababa are symbols of harmony particularly in the crowded fasting seasons. Lately, all religions in the country have joined hands to pray for the restoration of peace and serenity to the nation and its peoples. Capitalizing on the role of the positive power of prayer, government has also allocated national prayer times over broadcast media, where religious leaders organize live prayer sessions alongside normal daily prayer routines in mosques and churches. The religions have shown singularity in this regard with leaders and followers praying and hoping for peace, national unity, love, and strength as the country braves this crucial moment in her history under the international spotlight and pressure. EBR

9th Year • Apr 16 – May 15 2021 • No. 97

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