Ethiopia was left with little option other than defending itself when the super powers waged a war against it in support of domestic terrorists. No different for Ethiopia, peace and security are the minimum public goods a government should deliver to its citizens. Unfortunately, war is not a unilaterally avoidable evil. This is particularly true in the current world where a tense fight between those who want to assert their freedom and continue their greed hegemony is prevalent.

Preaching Democracy While Working to Unseat an Elected Government and Rushing for Geo-Political Dominance

Arguably, the in-cubing democrat-led government of the United States has been facing multifaceted challenges at home. The chaotic influx of immigrants, a broken system of handling immigration, inefficiency in the supply chain management of commodities, significant rejection of Covid-19 vaccine by citizens, and inflation that caused price hikes on gas and other essential goods are few of the factors that attributed to the disgruntling situation American officials face. Americans are highly upset; the rift on the already divided nation has widened, and, consequently, major polls have suggested that President Biden’s overall approval rate has declined to as low as, 48Pct in the early days of December.

The recent coordinated move by the Biden-led US government and its Western allies against the Ethiopian people has proven, once again, how far they will go in their attempts to restore their fading global hegemony.
It is no surprise that Ethiopia, a sovereign nation with a history of independence and resistance to colonial authority, is considered a threat to the status of the Western block.

Ethiopia has always been a strong symbol of African liberation and freedom. Because of this status, the West and other global powers believe that leaving Ethiopia’s power unchecked sets a dangerous precedence for the rest of Africa and black people everywhere.

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