The War in Northern Ethiopia is No Longer Solely with the TPLF

The recent coordinated move by the Biden-led US government and its Western allies against the Ethiopian people has proven, once again, how far they will go in their attempts to restore their fading global hegemony.
It is no surprise that Ethiopia, a sovereign nation with a history of independence and resistance to colonial authority, is considered a threat to the status of the Western block.

Ethiopia has always been a strong symbol of African liberation and freedom. Because of this status, the West and other global powers believe that leaving Ethiopia’s power unchecked sets a dangerous precedence for the rest of Africa and black people everywhere.Historically, America and its allies have turned deaf ears to the Ethiopian people, who endured the unimaginable hardships for three decades under the dictatorial regime of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

After the regime was toppled by a popular resistance movement of the youth and lost its federal power, its leaders fled to Mekelle, the seat of the State of Tigray. Since then, neither the new federal government under the premiership of Abiy Ahmed, nor the Ethiopians who were evicted from their land or torched and killed by the group have retaliated against the group. On the contrary, the group didn’t spare a day without proliferating hate and violence to destabilize the country.

This situation has culminated into a full-scale war against the Ethiopian Defense Force as of November 4, 2020 (guilty per its own admittance) and a genocidal act against non-Tegaru people living in the town of Maykadra, (according to the joint UN and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s report). It’s under these circumstances that the Ethiopian government has had to enforce law and order and stop the atrocities.

As early as December 2020, weeks after the war had broken, American politicians introduced a visa ban on Ethiopian government officials under Senate Resolution 97-117TH (2021-2022). This was followed by several other official and unofficial actions ranging from denouncing and blackmailing the Ethiopian government and those who have been victims of the TPLF’s intensive atrocities (Ethiopians in the states of Amhara and Afar) to extending diplomatic and technical support to the group’s efforts to destabilize the country.

It is worth noting that it is not the first time that American politicians have unlawfully intervened in Ethiopian internal affairs and shamelessly told Ethiopians how to run their government, even though Ethiopia has upheld a government for thousands of years longer than America has.

US politicians have betrayed the Ethiopian people at least three times in the last fifty years. Firstly, there is former President Jimmy Carter, who breached the agreed-upon arms contract between the US and Ethiopia in 1977 by declining to deliver arms, which were already been paid for, to Ethiopia, ultimately leading to the Somalia invasion of the nation—a conflict in which tens of thousands of people lost their lives.

There is also the famous London peace negotiation orchestrated by the notorious US diplomat Herman Cohen that endorsed the power of the TPLF and handed over Ethiopia to the fascist regime that balkanized the country into different ethnic and language groups.

While Ethiopians continued to fight the America-sanctioned and installed regime, President Barack Obama arrived in Ethiopia in the wake of the 2015 pseudo-election that handed a hundred percent of Ethiopian parliamentarian seats to the TPLF-dominated Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)and deemed the election fair and democratic; this government lasted no longer than a year and was ousted by a popular uprising of the Ethiopian people.

Now, there is an opportunity of perhaps of an unprecedented scale and manner for Americans to balkanize and destroy the country by taking advantage of the internal political chaos. The real objective for them remains to please Ethiopia’s enemies, who—out of sheer envy and false claims to the nation’s natural resources—are relentlessly sabotaging the country ‘s interest with unwavering support of their western allies.

Recently, the situation has evolved to a new level, confirming what most Ethiopians already knew—that the TPLF terrorists have not only earned diplomatic and media support from their America buddies, but also rigorous technical and intelligence supplies to help them advance into Amhara and Afar states.

Though not many Ethiopians expected things to go that far, allegedly there were mercenaries fighting along with TPLF terrorists in recent fighting at the Wollo front, as confirmed by the Ethiopian Prime Minister.

The situation has also been made worse by the western media: CNN, BBC, AP, F24, NYT, WP, and Aljazeera, whom in their reporting are openly fanning TPLF’s talking points and recently continued to release the false narrative of a TPLF advancement into the capital and signal false alarms so that foreign and international agencies evacuate their citizens from the country.

The conductor of the western orchestra against Ethiopia, Jefferey D. Feltman and his team, even relocated themselves to East Africa to bear witness to and celebrate the TPLF victory as well as to assume a strategic position to coordinate the “last phase of the war.”

It is time to say it boldly, whether to friends or enemies, that war in Ethiopia is no longer between the federal government forces and the TPLF, who have been escalating these tensions for close to five decades as a political organization and for over 27 years while exclusively running the country.

Rather, the war now is between the Ethiopian people, who by no means will be willing to surrender their natural rights, and the new, western colonial interests, whose critical networks in the region have been disrupted and put in danger and who will do anything it takes, including using the Trojan TPLF, to restore their dominance.

Nothing short of this reasoning can explain the level of support and commitment the Americans have put shamelessly behind the group. This is the strategy that the US government is using to hold on to power and prevent the humiliation it recently faced in Afghanistan, Venezuela, Haiti, and other such places.

When will America refrain from meddling in other countries’ affairs? When will they stop terrorizing citizens in foreign countries? Do US politicians feel the consequences of their actions in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan, where hundreds of millions of refugees have became country-less? Are human rights, democracy, peace, and security a necessity only for US citizens but a luxury for the rest of humanity? When will America begin to live out its principles?

If America and its allies are genuinely committed to Ethiopia’s peace and stability, the most obvious, best solution is to respect the sovereign, elected government of the country and work with the government to solve these issues cordially. If America is not willing to help the nation, it should stay out of Ethiopia.

History has repeatedly demonstrated that, despite political and ethnic differences amongst themselves, Ethiopians will always stand together to defend their country, just as they did in the battle of Adwa in 1896 against the Italian colonial aggression.

Against all odds and the meddling of the West, I believe Ethiopia will soon be victorious and a sign of hope to other nations and black people. Hopefully, the western world will learn from the consequences of its meddling actions and understand that these actions only diminish America’s global status.

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