Family-owned firms are the backbone of the world’s economies, but only a third survive to the second generation. In much of the world, family and firms are perhaps the two most important institutions, and these are often intertwined. The creation, growth and longevity of family businesses are critical to the success of the global economy. Indeed the majority of businesses in the world are family controlled – and these range from unsung, modestly-sized firms to commercial giants such as Ford, Samsung and Hyundai.

The Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency, a new establishment designed to change the nation’s health insurance platform, is almost ready to launch the first ever health insurance scheme in the country. Its goal is to escalate the health service coverage in order to speed up sustainable health care financing that augments equitable admittance to enhanced health services by means of cross-subsidization.

Advanced economies’ experience since the 2008 financial crisis has spurred a rapidly evolving discussion of growth, employment, and income inequality. That should come as no surprise: For those who expected a relatively rapid post-crisis recovery, the more things stay the same, the more they change.


I love movies. I love movies that leave me thinking about the whole story. I love movies that have lively characters that will, in the end, seem like they are my new friends who I care about the most. Whatever the genre, I love movies that will go straight to my heart and wander there for some while.

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