The past month saw the Sidama referendum and the merger of EPRDF into a single political entity called ‘Prosperity Party.’ Amongst the most common comments regarding the Sidama referendum was that it was an exercise of democracy in which the people finally determined their own administrative fate. Similarly, the formation of Prosperity Party has been commended as an inclusive effort that makes state power accessible to all Ethiopians organized under EPRDF. That too inevitably makes it a democratic move.

Foreign aid has become a key cornerstone of governments’ budget in developing countries like Ethiopia. Despite the widely believed narration of Western governments aiding the developing world, there are concrete arguments showing that it is, in fact, the developing world that is supporting the development of the Western world. According to a 2014 report, Africa receives about USD133.7 billion each year from official aid, grants, loans to the private sector, and remittances, among others.

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