Not much is being said about the ‘Renaissance Movements’ in the world today, especially in Western Europe where the movement was born. However, the story of the Ethiopian Renaissance Movement currently seems to stretch either too long or is on the verge of sudden death. A number of authors have defined the renaissance movement as a bridge between the middle ages and modern history. However, in Ethiopia’s case, it seems to assume a reverse meaning.

The role of Micro and Small Scale Enterprises (MSEs) is one of the major issues that grab the attention of politicians and economists. The dominant position often held by these two groups has arguably obscured the understanding of MSEs, even though they deserve credit for putting the issue at the top of public policy agenda.

Businesspeople are in business to see the change they want to bring to the world. They know what you want to achieve and walked some steps to achieve that. Two things might happen. Their business might get attention and a lot of customers may love it and adopt it very fast. It is also possible that, despite all the efforts and endeavors, they are nowhere close to their goal. There is nothing pleasing than seeing your products or services being appreciated and gain traction. The products we got from Microsoft, Apple and Google, Facebook are examples of this. They succeeded in being the mainstream of hardware, software, search engine and social media. They set the trend of their business.

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