If one asks what all people of the world want and pursue in their life, there is only one answer. It is success. Enstien once said, “Character is more important than success”. However, this seems to be a bit of a misconception. Yes, character is very important for an individual. A person may earn respect, they may feel happy and content, or be confident and self aware. But all these virtues must mean one thing. They must mean success. Otherwise, it would mean they earned nothing.

Steve Jobs, a prominent figure in technology, and the man who revolutionized the consumer electronics industry, had something to say about his customers – the customers who brought the products of his company, Apple, worth a trillion dollar fortune. He said, “Customers don’t know what they want until we show them.”

Customers are what keep a business alive. Coming up with a business idea, doing research, making plans, and executing the business- this should all be done with customers in mine. Once the business has identified a problem to solve for the customers, has understood its niche market, and has decided how to reach out to customers, it can be up and running. But many fledgling businesses run into a problem here. Days and weeks, and even months go by, but only a few customers have come in, nowhere close to the targeted numbers.

Businesspeople are in business to see the change they want to bring to the world. They know what you want to achieve and walked some steps to achieve that. Two things might happen. Their business might get attention and a lot of customers may love it and adopt it very fast. It is also possible that, despite all the efforts and endeavors, they are nowhere close to their goal. There is nothing pleasing than seeing your products or services being appreciated and gain traction. The products we got from Microsoft, Apple and Google, Facebook are examples of this. They succeeded in being the mainstream of hardware, software, search engine and social media. They set the trend of their business.

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