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COVID-19 has steadily expanded its empire around the world, claiming all national territories as its victims. Although some of these nations suspended their sporting activities at different times, they have almost entirely succumbed to the anti-social traits of the virus. It has been weeks since sports competitions were suspended in Ethiopia. EBR’s Abiy Wendifraw looks into the struggle to stay afloat in the country’s athletics and football federations.


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Jnderrepresented in Sport Media

With the massive influx of new media houses, comes the need for sports journalists. However, female members of the profession have not grown in similar fashion due to several factors. From specific issues like not being able to enter changing rooms for interviews to stereotypes that a woman’s place is not in stadiums, women are facing challenges to enter and stay in the sports journalism field. The few current actors in the field have a duty to change this, as Abiy Wendifraw explores.


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Guided by the want to get fit and build body mass, many of Ethiopia’s urban youths are using unregulated, and possibly, illegal products to forward and quicken their dream. The government, on its part, seems to be oblivious to the fact or unwilling to take a deeper look. But the damages could be long-lived and thus need serious consideration. Though getting fit is an applauded endeavor, the shortcuts taken by youths to this end arise from both push and pull factors. EBR’s Abiy Wendifraw explores.


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Shortage of finance is a common problem faced by Ethiopian football clubs, largely because of the hefty salaries paid to footballers and the declining revenues from tickets. Now, it is also time for the Ethiopian Football Federation to face a similar reality. While this is already portrayed by the tournaments and competitions that the Ethiopian National Team is missing, it is feared that this will be further exacerbated as clubs start to be more stringent in releasing finance to the governing body. EBR’s Abiy Wendifraw explores.

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Football is the most loved sport in Ethiopia, even though the country is more known in athletics globally. But such an affection usually ends with saddening moments as the national team has almost never been successful, except during some very few moments. Beyond that, with the absence of footballers’ association, there was no body to speak on behalf of the players. But five months ago, for the first time in history, footballers convened and established an association, which is expected to produce, in the future, skilled and well trained footballers, besides representing its founders. EBR adjunct writer Abiy Wendifraw reports.


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Table tennis used to be one of the most popular sports in urban parts of Ethiopia. Besides being a source of entertainment, it was a profession which many were interested to specialize in. But, the low-level attention given to the sport has led to its demise. Even though there are many throughout Ethiopia interested in being a table tennis player, it seems like there is no one interested in nurturing such skills. EBR adjunct writer Abiy Wondifraw reports.


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For long, Ethiopian athletes are known more for long distance running, largely 5,000m, 10,000m and marathon. Meanwhile, relatively short-distance running disciplines, including the 800m, 1,500m and 3,000m, were largely ignored despite having an immense potential. However, at the Doha World Athletics Championship, Ethiopia came close to rewrite its history after its elite athlete, Lemecha Girma, edged close to win a gold medal in the 3,000m men steeplechase championship where he won silver by microseconds. EBR adjunct writer Abiy Wendifraw, who was at the championship held at Doha, Qatar, reports.


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Doha, the capital of city of Qatar, will host the World Athletics Championships as of September, 2019. The current two-year cycle began in 1991 but was originally held every four years, first in 1983. Since then, Ethiopian runners, along with their Kenyan counterparts, dominated long distance running in every championship. In the championship, where 3,500 athletes are expected to participate, the Ethiopian Football Federation, which fears that the hot weather in Doha would affect the country’s performance, is yet to pick the teams that are going to represent Ethiopia in each competition, although some have been shortlisted. EBR adjunct writer Abiy Wendifraw writes.


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The tendency of physical inactivity leading to obesity or overweight is on the rise in Ethiopia. The problem is quite severe in urban areas, especially in Addis Ababa. While regular exercise means that adults have a lower likelihood of dying from; coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, and stroke, it has long been a neglected healthcare routine amongst the society. Citizens of late seem to understand its importance. An encouraging factor that has led to the opening of many GYMs. The government introduced different initiatives, such as the car-free days and mass sports days, in a bid to encourage its citizens to become more active. EBR adjunct writer Abiy Wendifraw reports.


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The legendary Coach

Born in Arsi, State of Oromia, the legendary coach Haji Adilo discovered his running ability at grade nine. Soon enough, he was able to compete in regional and national championships in the late 1980s. But, he had to wait for a decade to race in international competitions. Though it was short lived, the experience helped him to show his skills to the world. However, in 2000, Haji was forced to resign from racing because of health complications. Fast forward 19 years, he has become one of the few successful long distance running coaches chosen by many elite athletes. EBR adjunct writer Abiy Wendifraw sat down with him to learn what makes the legendary coach tick.

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