Top 10 Most Connected African Capital Cities

In 2020, regional traffic represented only 19Pct of African carriers’ operations with domestic flights accounting for 43Pct and intercontinental travel contributing 38Pct. Ethiopian Airlines, Safair, Mango Airlines, and Air Algérie lead in domestic passenger numbers. South Africa features heavily in domestic travel comprising six of the top 10 routes. Among the 54 African countries, 13 have direct flights to more than 20 African countries. Ethiopia and Kenya lead with 30 direct flights or more to other countries within Africa. The continental route with the most passengers is Tripoli – Tunis, with Harare – Johannesburg, Khartoum – Cairo, and Entebbe/ Kampala – Nairobi rounding out the top four. The busiest airports on the continent are in Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Cape Town, Lagos, and Nairobi.

The top connected African airports, charge the least prices. Lusaka has the highest level of charges while Seychelles International Airport has the lowest among the selected airports. Some of the busiest airports in Africa like Johannesburg, Addis, Algiers are among the least expensive.

While intra-connectivity is relatively high within northern Africa (more than 69Pct), we can see that connectivity across regions remains poor. The highest rate is between northern and western Africa at 41Pct. Southern Africa is less connected with other regions, particularly with the west at only 3Pct. EBR

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