Top 10 Countries by Game Revenues

Video gaming is no longer just a pastime for the young. The size of the global video game market has increased as younger generations have grown up with video games as a staple of daily life. According to some projections, the United States topped the list of the largest gaming marketplaces globally in 2022, with revenue of 54.9 billion dollars. China’s video game market came in second place, with yearly sales of over 44 billion dollars.

For years, China and the United States have competed to dominate the largest gaming market on the planet. The gaming industry in China is also being driven by Tencent, one of the largest internet businesses in the world with its headquarters in Shenzhen. Tencent’s online gaming division brought in 174 billion yuan in the previous year, accounting for around a third of the company’s income in 2021. Additionally, the business owns a number of controlling interests in numerous international online and mobile gaming businesses. It should come as no surprise that gaming apps were the most downloaded app category in Chinese app stores. More than 654 million mobile gamers were estimated to be present in China as of 2022.

Gaming is a fundamental aspect of American society and is currently regarded as one of the main sources of entertainment. According to recent industry estimates, there are roughly 156 million digital gamers in the US. In a survey revealed in 2021, at least 65Pct of adults in the US used at least one platform to play video games. The coronavirus pandemic has caused previous non-gamers to pick up the controllers, while existing gamers in the United States have also been spending more time and money on gaming activities. This is despite the fact that gaming has already got a significant presence in everyday media consumption. EBR

RankMarketRevenue (USD) in Billion
1United States54.90
2China 44.00
3Japan 20.00
4South Korea7.90
5Germany 6.60
6United Kingdom5.50
7France 4.10
8Canada 3.40
9Italy 3.00
10Brazil 2.60

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