Top 10 Coffee Exporters, 2021/2022 Fiscal Year

The backbone of the Ethiopian economy in both job creation and export values, Coffee registered record numbers in the just completed Ethiopian fiscal year of 2021/22, passing the USD1 billion mark for the first time in history. Even though prices have been inflated due to inflationary pressures worldwide, quantities exported have also grown. The fiscal year saw 300,000 metric tons exported to gain USD1.4 billion.

Coffee employs and sustains more than a quarter of the population while providing more than 30Pct of the country’s foreign currency. The high quality and unique flavor of Ethiopian coffee has made it popular all over the world and the nation’s central location provides easy access to key markets in Europe and Asia. Exporters in the past year show household names including Tracon, Kerchanshe, Bagersh, and Snap. Hadeed Trading, second in terms of value, was a top exporter in terms of quantity at 19,560 metric tons.

One complaint continuously nagging Ethiopian exporters is the tendency to export at deflated prices to compensate their import trade. Some exporters are thus called out for exporting at losses. Therefore, when looking at average unit prices, the highest amongst the top ten exporters is BNT Industry & Trading at USD6.84 per kilo. The top ten exporters’ unit price ranges from USD3.99 to 6.84. Other top exporters export coffee at up to USD21.06 per kilo. EBR

RankExporterValue in USD
1Tracon Trading PLC86,085,544.99
2Hadeed Trading PLC74,947,542.06
3Kerchanshe Trading PLC67,288,851.21
4BNT Industry & Trading PLC38,523,620.81
5Daye Bensa Coffee Export PLC36,441,952.67
6SA Bagersh PLC34,877,359.43
7Adulina Coffee Exporter PLC33,458,679.16
8Arfasa General Trading PLC29,221,325.67
9Snap Trading & Industry PLC28,453,888.29
10Zelaleme Eshetu G/Amanuel26,637,424.27

10th Year •July 2022 • No. 109

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