The 2013/14 Federal Budget

The house of peoples representatives has approved a total budget of ETB 154.9 billion for the 2013/2014 fiscal year (2006 EFY). From which a substantial amount of it, ETB 64.3 billion, which is about 41.5 pct of the total budget is allocated to capital expenditures. Whereas the budget subsidy to regional states is the next biggest share amounting ETB 43.1 billion or 37.5 pct of the total budget. The additional 21 pct goes to the recurrent budget ETB 32.5 billion, and to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ETB 15 billion.

The federal budget is proposed taking in to consideration the expected revenues of the fiscal year. For the next 2013/14 fisical year the government plans to collect a total of ETB 138.3 billion, which is about 76.6 pct of the aproved budget.

It is expected that ETB 105.9 billion will be collected from domestic revenues, from which ETB 100.3 billion will come through taxes and ETB 5.6 billion from non tax revenues. Whereas a total of ETB 32.4 billion is expected to come from international sources through project grants, loans and supports from partners.


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