Ethiopia’s booming real estate sector, boasting a remarkable 14Pct average annual growth over the past decade, faces a potential turning point. The recent implementation of a 14Pct credit cap by the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has significantly impacted bank lending capacity, sending ripples through the industry. This article delves into the specific consequences of this policy, exploring its effects on key players and overall market dynamics, particularly in Addis Ababa.

Indeed, Real estate developers and individual sellers across Addis Ababa are grappling with a new reality. Despite price adjustments aimed at aligning with reduced buyer purchasing power, a noticeable struggle to attract buyers has emerged, while some developers are innovatively taking swift strategic moves to solve the looming financial gap in the sector. This shift can be attributed to the credit cap’s influence on loan availability, effectively limiting access to financing for potential buyers. EBR’s Eden Teshome sheds light on the multifaceted impact of the credit cap in the Real Estate sector.

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