#NoMore Movement

The Revival of Pan-Africanism

Kudos to the children of Ethiopia and Eritrea who stipulated these inspiring, but also resentful words, which went viral hours after being expressed to now be echoed by tens of millions across the world. Africans—and all Black people for that matter—who are sick and tired of neocolonialists and their non-stop attempts at reasserting their fading hegemony are continuing to welcome the movement. As part of another desperate move by waning Western influences, Ethiopia has once again been targeted at an unprecedented scale and manner as the West continues to take advantage of the current political instability in the country. In undermining the government’s attempts at enforcing law and order against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) tyrants, America and its Western allies have impeded on the right for self-governance of the government. They continue to support TPLF as it had served their interests in the Horn of Africa region during the past three decades of power.

In response to this meddling and unlawful interference in its internal affairs, Ethiopia has been determined to resist the pressure from Western powers. Western media,

UN agencies, and several nongovernmental organizations which operate in the country under the cover of humanitarian aid have jointly made enormous support aimed at strengthening TPLF and ensuring its return to power illegitimately. The West’s generosity to TPLF goes beyond finance and diplomatic back up, as it also includes military guidance to the rebels who faced fierce resistance from Amhara and Afar militias and farmers languishing their dream of entering Addis Ababa.

Jeffrey Feltman, the key face of neoliberal forces, was appointed as the Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa for the U.S. Department of State since April 23, 2021. This senior diplomat who has served as former United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs has been working tirelessly to implant a pseudo-government who would serve their interests in the region and restore their power, which has been increasingly eroded as a result of the recent geopolitical developments in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Thus, the underlining reason for the unprecedented level of commitment by the US government to TPLF is its intention of taking back the region under its close sphere of influence. Americans are increasingly aware of new players in the region.

Turkey, China, and Russia have become increasingly influential in the region. Knowing the position of the current regime in Ethiopia, as a strong national development-oriented government, the US seems committed to reinstate the TPLF to power, out of the coffin. The TPLF used to be a rubber stamp government doing everything to protect the USA’s interest in Ethiopia and the horn of Africa.

One recent vivid example of the contradictory actions of Western media is the difference in the narratives spread following the announcement by the Ethiopian Prime Minister on November 22, 2021 to join the army at the battlefield. The large media outlets in no time filled the air with the headlines such as: “Nobel Peace Prize Winning Prime Minister Steps to War, ”intended to ridicule and defame his actions and attempts to defend the nation, as if the Nobel Prize is a compensation paid in exchange to not doing what is necessary and rightful to save the country. What makes this discourse more interesting is that the same media outlets that are currently fueling this narrative were the ones praising the former US President Barack Obama, also a Nobel Peace laureate, when he bombarded Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria in the wake of his award. The only difference between the two is that Obama is an American and Abiy is an African president.

No more double standards!
The USA’s obsession with controlling Ethiopia is very concerning and, at times, strange. On top of all the propaganda and fake news spreading, Western embassies are also relentlessly lobbying African and Asian diplomatic commissions to evacuate their staff from Ethiopia. Learning that these efforts have not yielded fruit, the US Embassy in Addis Ababa has further changed the rhetoric to a security threat, advising their citizens to stay away from all public areas including restaurants and shopping centers. Such a message from the embassy reminds me of an old allegory about a man who brags about prophetic abilities. The man once prophesied that his neighbor’s house will be burnt down in a few days. However, nothing happened after his prophesy.

He waited for a few days and witnessed that nothing has happened to his neighbor’s house. He then decided to set the house on fire himself to self-fulfill his prophecy.

One other interesting and noteworthy recent event is this a video that was released by Jeffrey Pearce on November 24, 2021 of a secret meeting between the TPLF and their newly acquired Trojan horses of TPLF-affiliated Ethiopian descendants and confederators and former US and UK diplomats (kingmakers), discussing frustrations with the slow speed of progress and new measures to expedite it. One thing that has been agreed during this meeting was the need to put new pressure on two fronts: hijacking the peace process currently entrusted to former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, and to continue [the military] option to unseat the legitimately elected government and replace it with TPLF.

Indeed, it is ridiculous to witness such level of arrogance, undermining the will of 115 million people and trying to prescribe a Zoom government for the second-most populous country in Africa. The video also portrays TPLF, accused of serial perpetration of genocide against Anuaks, Amharas, and Afars, to mention a few, over the last three decades, is now playing a game of victim on a global stage. In actuality, it is the tens of thousands of innocent Ethiopians in the states of Afar, Amhara, and Tigray who are victims of its ill-advised war. The TPLF’s act would only succeed with the same audiences that it had fooled in the 1990s, of which many presided in the Zoom meeting. Ethiopians have had enough of corrupt and inept bandits. The people of Tigray are also very tired of the costs being paid unnecessarily due to the political arrogance and naivety of the TPLF leaders.

The video also confirms the American government’s direct involvement in the war, for those who naively or out of ignorance did not believe so.

Ethiopia is indeed fighting an African war against neocolonialism and neoliberalism. The good thing is brave Africans have already known and joined the #NoMore movement all over the world. It is encouraging to learn that Burkina Faso’s youth not only joined, but also pursued the fight in a meaningful way by telling French colonialists enough is enough and stay away from our natural resources. Yes, bravo to Burkina Faso, you raised Thomas Sankara’s torch to the next level, and proved that his sacrifice is not all in vain.

American powers that have decimated tens of millions of communities across the world and destroyed numerous countries, have neither the moral authority nor the impartiality to play a positive role in bringing peace in Ethiopia.

The west has waged a hybrid war on Ethiopia. Not only through it’s the sophistication of their participation in the war and the presence of broad new domains in the game which range from high-tech military and intelligence, to the financing of local terrorists and factions, to the economic sabotage and spreading of hate speech and fake news that could deeply divide and shake the social fabrics of the country. That’s why Africa has to stand with Ethiopia; because no one is immune from such ideological war.

10th Year • Jan 2022 • No. 103

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