Mastercard and EagleLion Collaborate to Empower Ethiopian Businesses with Secure Digital Payments

Mastercard, a renowned global technology leader in the payments industry, has partnered with EagleLion System Technology, a local financial solution provider. This strategic alliance intends to revolutionize access to innovative cashless payment solutions and empower Ethiopian businesses to seamlessly accept secure digital payments.


Ethiopia, like many nations, is currently undergoing a digital revolution, and the partnership between Mastercard and EagleLion is set to play a pivotal role in this transformative journey.

By combining EagleLion’s expertise in digital financial solutions with Mastercard Gateway’s cutting-edge payment technology, the partnership aims to introduce a new payment solution that offers enhanced security, speed, and convenience for consumers.


EagleLion, has established successful partnerships with financial institutions, governmental bodies, and international organizations. The collaboration with Mastercard further strengthens their position and enables them to facilitate enhanced services and foster innovation within their network. Bersufekad Getachew, CEO of EagleLion, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its potential to drive financial inclusion and revolutionize payment methods in Ethiopia.


“This collaboration with Mastercard has positioned our company as a key player in the industry, facilitating enhanced services and fostering innovation within our network,” said Bersufekad.


Moreover, the partnership between Mastercard and EagleLion aligns with the Ethiopian government’s ambitions for modernization. As the government seeks to embrace digital transformation, efficient and transparent cashless transactions, including payments for public services and tax collection, become imperative. This collaboration plays a vital role in supporting the government’s efforts to modernize the country’s financial infrastructure and promote digital financial services.


With its global reach and expertise in payment technology, Mastercard strongly believes that technology and innovation are pivotal drivers of business potential. The company is committed to assisting its partners in driving digital transformation across different regions. Mastercard views EagleLion as an ideal partner to achieve their goals in Ethiopia, as they collaborate to enhance access to next-generation payment solutions and services for merchants.


“We believe technology and innovation play a critical role in unleashing full business potential, and we’re committed to helping our partners drive digital transformation across regions. EagleLion is an ideal partner to help us achieve our goals in Ethiopia. Together, we will continue driving financial inclusion by enhancing access to next-generation payment solutions and services for merchants,” stated a representative from Mastercard.


The launch of these new payment solutions through the collaboration between Mastercard and EagleLion aims to connect and empower an inclusive digital economy in Ethiopia.


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