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Local Furniture Supplies 70% of Market

At the FINTEX Furniture and Interior Design Expo held at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, Melaku Alebel, Minister of Industry, stated that Ethiopians consume 70Pct of locally-made furniture. However, the bulk of raw materials used to manufacture locally are still imported. The expo, hosted by Prana Events and African Trade-Fair Partners showcased furniture, interior and construction finishing products, technologies, machineries, raw materials, accessories, and services to visitors and prospective business clients.

It was also stated that Ethiopia spent over USD78 million on furniture imports, especially from Turkey, China, and Malaysia during the previous five years. Semi-processed goods and raw materials are particularly imported. Melaku stated that the government is working towards using the nation’s forestry riches to guarantee supply to furniture and interior design operators.

Large furniture manufacturers such as Nazra, Salma, and Waryt took part alongside handicraft and bamboo furniture makers.

Along with the exhibition, the Ethiopian Furniture Manufacturers Association hosted a Panel Discussion, which has been a success in previous years, and other technical and professional concerns for collaboration and coordination were discussed.

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