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Reflections on Achieving the Global Education Goals

Monday, 15 April 2019 06:00 Published in View Point

In today’s deeply interconnected world, a quality education gives people the knowledge they need to safeguard the planet’s finite resources, appreciate diversity and resist intolerance, and act as informed global citizens.

Throughout my life, I have seen the power of education. I have witnessed how quality education for all can support the creation of dynamic economies and help to sustain peace, prosperity, and stability. I have also observed how education instills in individuals, no matter their circumstances, a strong sense of self, as well as confidence in their place in the world and their future prospects.

The Dark Side of The Entertainment Industry

Monday, 15 April 2019 03:00 Published in Art & Life

The #MeToo campaign has increased the confidence of women, mainly Western women, to report sexual and gender-based violence. A year after the Harvey Weinstein story broke; the conversation has extended well into Hollywood and beyond. Countless other powerful and famous men have been felled by accusations, victims and advocates have bonded together in hopes of evolution and healing, and the entertainment industry has attempted to keep up with seismic change. But in developing countries like Ethiopia, the shame and blame on the victims has largely kept them silent. In fiercely patriarchal societies, where religion and tradition define the role of women, simply reporting abuse against women in the entertainment industry is so difficult that it is not even considered to bring down men of power, as #MeToo has allowed. EBR’s Menna Asrat reports.

Women Footballers Trapped by Gender Stereotype

Monday, 15 April 2019 03:00 Published in Sport Biz

Even though women’s football has become more and more respected around the world, female football players face challenges to which many people turn a blind eye. Besides the normally publicized troubles of lower wages, fewer sponsors and less support, women in Ethiopia who play football have to contend with another challenge: questions from the greater society about their gender. To be taken seriously, many are finding that they have to suppress their femininity, something which can leave lasting scars, as EBR Adjuct Writer Abiy Wendifraw found out.

Healing old wounds

Monday, 15 April 2019 03:00 Published in Focus

The Incredible Journey of the Unfortunate women with Obstetric Fistula

The Fistula Hospital is an Ethiopian landmark. Located in Addis Ababa, the hospital and the Hamlin Fistula Centers were founded by Catherine Hamlin (MD) and her husband Reginald Hamlin (MD) in 1974. In the time since then, Hamlin and her work have become well known throughout the world. The hospital provides service for women suffering from obstetric fistulas, often caused by extended labour without access to medical care. Women with this condition often find themselves isolated from their communities and families, with no way to support themselves. The treatment they get at the hospital often gives them a new lease on life, as EBR’s Kiya Ali observed.

Samrawit Fikru is the creator of Hybrid Design, a company behind the most popular taxi hailing app in Ethiopia, Ride. Samrawit is always trying to identify problems and respond accordingly. It was likely this quality that was the key to her success. Transformed from an SMS-based on demand service to a mobile app, Ride is now used by more than 1,300 drivers and has been downloaded over 50,000 times. EBR’s Samson Berhane sat down with the 29 year old entrepreneur to learn about her journey to success and the challenges she has faced so far.

The Dreadful Fate

Monday, 15 April 2019 03:00 Published in Society

Women with Disabilities Facing Indescribable Danger

In Ethiopia, the plight of people with disabilities has long been ignored or pushed aside. Various myths and misconceptions face people with disabilities in their quest for recognition and inclusion. But for women living with disabilities, this is not the only hurdle they have to face. As in many developing countries, women in Ethiopia who live with disabilities face the added challenge of sexual and gender based violence. Although there is no clear consensus on the number of victims, many women with disabilities in developing countries face the same problem. EBR’s Menna Asrat reports.

Navigating The Wage Gap Between Women, Men

Monday, 15 April 2019 03:00 Published in Topic

 All over the world, the wage gap between men and women has become a point of debate. In many countries, men and women are not compensated equally for working in the same positions, to varying degrees in different areas. In Ethiopia, women make around 63 cents for every birr earned by men. There are also issues with being able to access equal employment opportunities, as EBR’s Ashenafi Endale found.

Discrimination Behind Bars

Monday, 15 April 2019 03:00 Published in InFocus

The Predicament women face in Prison 

The number of women and girls caught in the criminal justice system has skyrocketed in recent years. Out of the total 200,000 prisoners found in Ethiopia, currently, 3.7Pct are women. Women prisoners face multi layer challenges such as discrimination and treatment with cruelty and violence in detention centres and police stations. On top of these, problems including gross overcrowding and inadequate food, water, sanitation, as well as medical care, put female prisoners in danger. To make matter worse, many of women are imprisoned with their children, whom they have to raise within the prison compound. EBR’s Ashenafi Endale who visited Kaliti Prison recently reports the difficulty faced by women prisoners.

Top 10 African Countries with Women in Parliaments*

Monday, 15 April 2019 00:00 Published in Statistics

Just like any part of the world, women comprise half of the population in Africa. Although this means they ought to make up half of all structures responsible for making decisions on behalf of societies, this has been more a dream than a reality in the past. However, this trend has been changing in recent years, as the information obtained from the Inter-Parliamentary Union, a global organization of national parliaments, reveals.

The Rebranding of Feminism in Ethiopia

Monday, 15 April 2019 00:00 Published in Focus

While feminism as a movement has been around for a long time in most of the world, in Ethiopia, the term itself carries negative connotations for many people. Seen by some as a movement that only benefits a few elite women, or as something that encourages women to hate men, the basic definition of feminism as the fight against gender inequality seems not to have landed. Now, many young gender issues activists and experts are trying to reclaim feminism, and at the same time, take away the pejorative implications of the word in the eyes of the general public. EBR’s Kiya Ali reports.

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