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Weak Public Procurement Cripples Ethiopia

Saturday, 16 February 2019 06:00 Published in Investment

Public procurement has long been a subject of discord in Ethiopia. While other developing countries have managed to use public procurement as an avenue for growth, the procurement system in Ethiopia seems to have become a hotbed of corruption. The arrests of almost 100 government officials to do with mega projects threw the issue further into the public eye. But now, there has been a push to reform the procurement regulations and address the gaps that created an opportunity for improper conduct. EBR’s Ashenafi Endale reports.

Back in Business

Saturday, 16 February 2019 06:00 Published in Investment

The Fate of the Hotel Industry After Turmoil

The hotel industry in Ethiopia has been reeling over the last couple of years, following political unrest in various parts of the country, and a drop in tourist numbers. Room occupancy rates dropped, and hotels found themselves losing money hand over fist. But now the industry is starting to revive, as political stability returns to the country. EBR’s Ashenafi Endale spoke with some in the industry to find out what’s next for hospitality in Ethiopia.

Behailu Wase A Rising Star on The Horizon

Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:00 Published in Art & Life

Behailu Wase is one of the popular stars in the Ethiopian television and film industry. As a writer, director and producer, Behailu is the mind behind one of the most popular sitcoms on Ethiopian television: Min Litazez. The young writer has also produced some of the country’s most well received films, such as Ayrak and YeLidete Qen. Having been involved in the film and television industry for almost a decade, Behailu has seen all the ins and outs of the business. He sat down with EBR’s Menna Asrat to discuss the challenges facing the creative and dramatic arts in Ethiopia, as well the inspirations behind his own work.

Opening Doors Senay Football Club

Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:00 Published in Sport Biz

Close to three percent of the total population in Ethiopia is believed to live with disabilities. Out of the total disabled people living in the country, about 14.4Pct (1.5 million) have a hearing disability. Despite its vast size, the deaf community in Ethiopia is deprived of many basic rights and many are unable to enjoy their lives. However, Senay Deaf Football Club, which was established by Endaleyesus Abate, the former manager of Addis Ababa City Football Club and few strong individuals hearing disability is trying to change this. Established in May 2017, Senay has carried out several promising activities in terms of legalizing the football club, creating a platform for disabled people and building international relationships with parallel clubs in other countries. EBR Adjunct Writer Abiy Wendifraw who visited the team in the training session reflects on their accomplishments and future plans.

Branding Still Untapped

Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:00 Published in Focus

Companies trying to connect with the buying public through creating unique brands is still a fairly new phenomenon in Ethiopia. Even so, some companies are starting to take the creation of a unique brand seriously, as a way to imprint a specific image of their company in their customers’ minds. EBR’s Kiya Ali spoke with some companies and branding professionals to get a sense of how they are going about building a better brand.

Fasil Asmelash is a young man who likes to define his standards based on his branded belongings and the places where he spends time. He lives in Hawassa but frequently comes to Addis to visit family. 

The New Face of Hamer

Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:00 Published in Focus

The Hamer people are an Omotic community inhabiting southwestern Ethiopia, east of the Omo River and live in villages like Turmi and Dimeka. The Hamer have very unique rituals such as evangadi and a bull-leaping ceremony in which a young man has to succeed in order to get married. They are also known for their practice of body adornment and wearing a multitude of colorful beads. Although most of their culture and practices still exist, the Hamer people are now embracing the fruits of the modern world. For instance, they have become familiarized with paper money over the past five years. EBR’s Kiya Ali visited the Hamer people recently to observe their changing lives.

"Hotel Owners Are Not Looking for Long Term Return."

Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:00 Published in Interview

Adil Khan is the managing director of AMS Hospitality Group, a privately held provider of hotel brands, solutions and services. Established in 2008, AMS’s brand portfolio spans a range of hospitality segments, from premier economy, to select service properties, mid-scale hotels and resorts. AMS has been managing the Hub Hotel, which was opened in December 2018 in Addis Ababa. EBR’s Ashenafi Endale sat down with Khan to learn about AMS’s activities in Ethiopia and elsewhere.

Tewodros Shiferaw, 44, is a businessman with a huge appetite. The father of four lived in Japan and China for 12 years working as an exporter and importer, among other activities. In 2008, he came to Ethiopia and established Rosetta General Business, a company engaged in real estate development, hotels, import and export as well as media and communication. Tewodros, who is in the real estate sector, built 142 villas and transfered them to the owners on time despite the huge inflation at the time. However, not all his endeavours have been successful. In fact, two of his hotel projects in Addis Ababa and Hawassa didn’t materialise because the authorities couldn’t give him land on a lease basis. He is now more visible in the broadcasting industry. In fact, Tewodros was a partner at ARTS and a year ago acquired Nahoo TV, a privately owned entertainment TV channel operating in Ethiopia. EBR’s Samson Berhane sat down with Tewodros to learn about his successes and failures

Tobacco Plague Invades Ethiopia

Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:00 Published in Society

Recently, Ethiopia has been coming to grips with a sweeping tobacco addiction epidemic. Unlike past years, the cigarette epidemic is not limited to adults. In fact, students and young people are starting to represent more and more of the smokers in Ethiopia. However, in response to the problem, the Ethiopian government is starting to take actions to encourage people to drop the amount of cigarettes they smoke. EBR’s Kiya Ali investigates.

The Essence of ICT Restructuring in Ethiopia

Saturday, 16 February 2019 03:00 Published in Commentary

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are among the main enabling tools of modern civilization. These days, it is an integral part of our lives. The global economy needs ICT infrastructure for its activities such as the facilitation of trade and commerce. In addition to that, human welfare and poverty eradication programmes need proper ICT to enable humanitarian efforts. In this article, I present the importance of ICT restructuring in Ethiopia by first analysing the current state of ICT in Ethiopia and then suggesting the kind of restructuring it needs. 

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