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Local Tour Operators Under Threat

Thursday, 02 August 2018 01:24 Published in Investment

Due to its ancient history, remnants of past civilizations, diverse cultures and natural beauty, Ethiopia has the potential to be a must-see destination for tourists. The country aspires to increase earnings from the sector which currently stand at close to three billion dollars annually, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Tour operators have a massive impact on the industry. In Ethiopia there are close to 500 individual tour and travel companies that are actively engaged in providing tours and tour operation related services. This is a massive increase compared to ten years ago. However, tour operators are facing new challenges from foreign and illegal tour operators that are snatching customers from them. EBR Ashenafi Endale explores the issue. 

Diabetes a Growing Threat in Ethiopia

Thursday, 02 August 2018 01:24 Published in Society

Awareness about treatment and control of diabetes is extremely low among developing nations like Ethiopia although available evidence suggests an increasing prevalence of diabetes and its risk factors not only on adults but among children.  With more children being diagnosed with the illness in the country, EBR’s Menna Asrat took a look at what could be behind the growing rates of diabetes, and what people can do every day to protect their health.

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