Ethiopia’s Upcoming Election Cancelled as COVID-19 Persists

Ethiopian Business ReviewMarch 31, 20205806

National Electoral Board of Ethiopia announced that it is not in a position to conduct the upcoming election based on the original schedule due to coronavirus, which has infected 25 people in the country so far. The Board also decided to cancel the election and forwarded its final resolution to the parliament for further discussion.

Although the election was originally scheduled to be conducted on August 29, delivering pre-elections goals had been difficult ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, according to the Board.

The Board was not able to finalize the procurements of printed materials and training of 1000 trainers for the election because of the same reason.

The ban put on mass gatherings and public transportation by regional and federal authorities in order to fight COVID-19 have also affected its activities and delayed the pre-election preparation of the Board.

The parliament is expected to make a final decision on the matter.

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