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Ethiopian Business ReviewDecember 29, 202142

Marathon Motors launched Ethiopia’s very first electric vehicle charging station and the Hyundai Ioniq and Kona EV fully-electric automobiles at the Hyundai Marathon Motor Vehicle Assembly Plant in the outskirts of the capital. The two charging stations are capable of fully charging an electric Hyundai vehicle in 15 minutes and will give service to company employees already driving electrified Hyundai cars.


Ethiopian Business ReviewDecember 24, 202170

Abay Bank grew its gross profit to exceed last financial year by 80Pct to reach ETB1.15 billion—exhibiting a growth of ETB513 million.

The ten-year-old bank earned a total income of ETB3.4 billion, a 63Pct growth from last year with interest income constituting 72Pct. ETB2.3 billion was registered as expense, of which 54Pct were salary and benefits and 4Pct was disbursed as interest on deposits.

Zeresenay Zeleke (PhD)December 1, 20213

The recent coordinated move by the Biden-led US government and its Western allies against the Ethiopian people has proven, once again, how far they will go in their attempts to restore their fading global hegemony.
It is no surprise that Ethiopia, a sovereign nation with a history of independence and resistance to colonial authority, is considered a threat to the status of the Western block.

Ethiopia has always been a strong symbol of African liberation and freedom. Because of this status, the West and other global powers believe that leaving Ethiopia’s power unchecked sets a dangerous precedence for the rest of Africa and black people everywhere.


Ethiopian Business ReviewNovember 26, 2021298

Dashen Bank—the 25-year-old private commercial bank—announced the appointment of five new senior officials looking to revamp its organizational structure and to address the departure of two senior officials, Henok Kebede and Yared Mesfin, to newly-establishing banks. 

Four positions were filled from within the bank and the fifth arrived from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, for which it got approval from the central bank. 


Ethiopian Business ReviewNovember 24, 202175

Among the pioneering private commercial banks, Dashen’s shareholders have decided to almost double the bank’s paid up capital to ETB12 billion. The 25-year-old bank was established with 11 shareholders which has grown to over 2,000 alongside a current capitalization of ETB5.4 billion. Moreover, Dashen has also announced that it has earned over ETB2 billion in profit from gross earnings of ETB10 billion from the last fiscal year which concluded on June 30.

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