Top 10 Best African Countries for Women Entrepreneurs

There is a saying that states that everyone is impacted by gender disparity, which is accurate. Any community forbidding women from working merely ensures that it will always be impoverished. In many societies around the globe, women outnumber men. Denying women the chance to work means simply that they will be unable to contribute to creating wealth. Instead, they would be totally reliant on the men, turning into liabilities rather than the contributing members of society they should be.

This was the situation for many years in Africa when most women remained at home to be housewives and only their husbands went to work. In the twenty-first century, things have undergone significant change. But much work remains to be done.

Approximately 37 Pct of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is presently contributed by female entrepreneurs. They accomplish this by working at their neighbourhood supermarkets, becoming licensed healthcare workers, or starting their own businesses. And this is precisely why more women should be encouraged to participate in the global labour market in whatever way they can, says Jane Prokop, an executive vice president at MasterCard.

According to MasterCard, the index used 12 indicators and 27 sub-indicators to determine the following: advancement outcomes for women entrepreneurs, knowledge assets, financial access, and most importantly, entrepreneurial supporting conditions.

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Source: Africa Business Insider

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