Bagir Textile Closes Manufacturing Plant in Ethiopia over Coronavirus Fear

Bagir Textile, an Israel-based manufacturer and marketer of men’s and women’s tailored fashion, closes its manufacturing plant in Ethiopia as fear of coronavirus spread looms.

The moves comes just a day after the company put the majority of its tailored garments orders on hold following widespread retail store closures in the US and UK.

The company said it had closed manufacturing sites in Egypt and Ethiopia, with employees still retained so production can re-commence once ‘the acute phase of this pandemic passe’.

Ever since buying a stake at Nazreth Garments six years ago, then fully acquires the company in 2017, Bagir has been producing trousers and jackets. Having a capacity of producing 3,000 trousers and 200 jackets a day, the company has been exporting its product to US, UK and other European countries.

In addition to shutting its plant in Ethiopia, the company also closed its manufacturing site in Egypt and its plant in Vietnam remained open with reduced production and workforce.

The Company said it has taken these actions to navigate through this uncertain period and be in a position to respond rapidly when markets normalise.

Subsequent to its announcement to close its plants in Ethiopia and Egypt, the company saw an eleven percent decline in its value of shares to 0.42p.



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