Babul Kheyer A Gateway to Goodness

Babul Kheyer, meaning “Gate of Good,” is a charitable organisation that has significantly impacted the lives of thousands of needy individuals. Founded by Hanan Mahmuda, a compassionate and determined woman, Babul Kheyer has become a beacon of hope for the underprivileged. The organisation showcases the transformative power of unity and selfless service through its daily provision of meals, assistance to needy people, and empowerment initiatives. In this article, EBR’s Eden Teshome delve into the origins of Babul Kheyer, its remarkable achievements, and the unwavering dedication of Hanan.

The seeds of Babul Kheyer were sown by a heart-wrenching encounter that Hanan Mahmuda had with two hungry children. Witnessing their struggle during school hours, Hanan inquired about their situation, only to discover that they had left their homes on empty stomachs. Touched by their plight, Hanan vowed to establish a dining station where needy people could eat with dignity and equality.

Recognising that resources were essential to bring her vision to life, Hanan decided to take an extraordinary step. She decided to sell her jewellery, a collection of precious items that held sentimental value. But for Hanan, the well-being of others outweighed any material possessions.

Hanan’s selfless act of selling her jewellery was just the beginning. She mobilised her friends and family, urging them to join her in this noble cause. Inspired by her passion and the urgency of the situation, they, too, decided to part ways with their cherished pieces, pooling their resources to support establishing a dining station that would provide meals for those in need.

This act of sacrifice and solidarity exemplifies the essence of Babul Kheyer’s mission. It is not merely a story of two hungry children; it is a testament to the inherent humanity within us all. Hanan’s decision to sell her jewellery symbolises the lengths she was willing to go to ensure that no one would have to endure the pain of hunger. It demonstrates her unwavering commitment to transforming the lives of two individuals and thousands of others in the community.

Hanan and her loved ones gathered the initial resources to establish Babul Kheyer by selling their jewellery. This humble beginning paved the way for the organisation to grow and expand its services, ultimately impacting the lives of thousands of needy individuals. To date, Babul Kheyer is feeding more than 2000 needy twice daily.

Hanan’s sacrifice is a powerful reminder that genuine compassion knows no bounds. It reminds us that the actions of a single individual, driven by a genuine desire to help others, can have a profound and lasting impact on a community. Hanan’s story resonates with people from all walks of life, inspiring them to reflect on their capacity for empathy and consider how they, too, can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Reflecting on the motivation behind her charitable endeavours, Hanan humbly states, “Charity begins with oneself. I have always believed in the power of collective action and the potential for women to make a difference when they come together. Babul Kheyer is a testament to what can be achieved when we unite for a common purpose.”

Babul Kheyer stands out not only for its humanitarian efforts but also for its commitment to empowering women. Hanan emphasises the strength and dedication of the women involved, stating, “When women come together, they can accomplish great things. We take our meetings seriously, sharing our experiences and learning from one another. We have proven that women can be agents of change and contribute immensely to society.”

The organisation’s inclusive approach transcends religious boundaries, as Hanan proudly shares, “We do not discriminate beneficiaries based on religion. We collaborate with individuals from different faiths, including Muslims, Orthodox, and Protestants. Our unity is based on our shared commitment to serving those in need.”

Hanan’s unwavering determination has helped Babul Kheyer navigate through numerous challenges. The organisation’s inception coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic and political unrest. Despite these obstacles, Babul Kheyer continued its work by supporting vulnerable communities.

Hanan acknowledges the difficulties: “There were times when fear crept in, especially when they run out of resources and the situation seemed overwhelming. But the joy we witnessed in the faces of those we helped, the positive impact we made, and the love that blossomed amongst people kept us going.”

Babul Kheyer’s impact reaches far and wide. The organisation has been instrumental in providing meals to over 2,000 citizens daily. Additionally, they reach out to people in need and offer assistance. The organisation empowers needy citizens to become self-sufficient and independent through training programmes.

Hanan highlights their work’s transformative power: “Our effort ensures social justice and foster love among people. We have witnessed incredible transformations in those we have helped. Seeing their lives change for the better has been the greatest reward, and it motivates us to continue making sacrifices.”

Like many charitable organisations, Babul Kheyer faces financial constraints. Hanan candidly shares, “Our expenses are high, particularly since we focus on providing quality food. We rely on rented facilities, which add to our monthly costs. While we have received support from generous individuals, we face challenges in sustaining our operations.”

Hanan hopes for government collaboration: “It would be beneficial if the government could extend our support. We do not only seek land or financial aid but also recognition of our work. We invite them to visit us, witness our endeavours firsthand, and understand the needs we face. Babul Kheyer is an organisation that the country should be proud of.”

Under the visionary leadership of Hanan Mahmuda, Babul Kheyer has become a symbol of compassion, unity, and empowerment. Through its dedication to serving those in need, the organisation has touched the lives of thousands, providing sustenance, hope, and a pathway to self-sufficiency. Hanan’s unwavering commitment and the women’s collective effort showcase the tremendous impact that individuals can achieve when they come together for the greater good. As Babul Kheyer continues its noble mission, it inspires us all, reminding us of the power of kindness and the transformative potential of selfless service.

Hanan concludes, “Babul Kheyer is a testament to the fact that we all have the capacity to make a positive impact in the lives of others. We encourage everyone to join us in spreading goodness and creating a more compassionate world. Together, we can open the gates of opportunity and bring positive change to those in need.” EBR

12th Year • April 2024 • No. 128

Eden Teshome

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