Lately, decorating outdoor patios with greenery is becoming a common trend especially in Addis Ababa, a city that is home to almost a million households. As a result, individual property owners and real estate developers as well as hotels and government institutions, are increasingly becoming a customer of nurseries. EBR’s Tiruneh Assefa explores how these factors changed plant and garden businesses, dynamically.


Starting around ten years ago, Ethiopian-made leather footwear has become increasingly more popular. From children to youths, many people are now increasingly seen wearing locally made footwear. In spite of its popularity, footwear has recently became very costly for users, primarily because the price of soles for shoes has increased. Most soles are imported from abroad. Although there are four local companies that manufacture soles, they are still unable to produce soles in bulk to satisfy the demand, as EBR’s Tiruneh Assefa reports.


Addis Ababa is becoming home to a new breed of bakeries which offer unique types of breads, cookies and cakes in Addis Ababa. Their distinct features, such attractive interior design, quality and hygiene, has seen the number of city residents that patronise them rise dramatically. In fact, it is not uncommon to see long queues stretching out of the doors at these special bakeries. EBR’s Tiruneh Assefa explores the story behind these thriving businesses.


Businesses Utilizing the Platform to Boost Sales

The 21st century has been characterized by various developments, shifts and changes worldwide. Many of these changes, especially within a marketing context, have been fuelled by the nowadays omnipresent Internet and all the platforms and tools found within. With the growth in number of internet users, and the use of smart phones, promoting products through social media sites, mainly Facebook, is becoming a preferred way for businesses to build relationships with customers in Ethiopia. Yet, this comes at cost as many of the businesses that sells their products via social media networks are trading items under the informal market and beyond the tax system of the country, as EBR’s Tiruneh Assefa writes.

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