The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) was the sleeping giant in the financial sector of the country for decades. Its operating procedure was highly bureaucratic. Often, its staffs used to leave the Bank in search of better prospect to grow. Many senior managers in Ethiopia’s financial sector are in one way or another has an opportunity to work in CBE. They used think that it has nothing new to introduce. Now, that seems thing of the past as the bank is in the process of implementing drastic changes in the way its handles its business in the past six year. The work the bank is currently undertaking seems restoring hope that was once lost for its more than 22,000 employees. EBR’s Pawlos Belete dig deep into what CBE is doing and what it means for the rest of the financial sector.


Unlike the past currently products made in Japan are among the few products that are sought after their high quality standards not only here in Ethiopia but also around the globe. The underlying reason behind such a dramatic turnaround is their workplace philosophy called Kaizen. Almost six decades after the Japanese started implementing it; Ethiopia is trying to adapt it. EBR’s Pawlos Belete explores what it means, how it is being adapted and the results achieved so far in his report.

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