On December 11, 2023, Ethiopia missed a USD33 million interest payment on its December 2024 dollar bond, marking the East African nation’s latest defaulter by emerging-market sovereigns and raising concerns about its once-promising economic future. This significant default, the first for Ethiopia after years of rapid economic growth, sent a shockwave through the international financial community and threatened to hinder the country’s future development prospects.

Seizing the Inflation Battle Opportunity

Ethiopia’s central bank recently implemented a policy to cap credit lending rates at 14Pct to combat inflation. While this move may appear challenging, it presents an opportunity for Ethiopian banks to strengthen their financial institutions, contribute to economic stability, and enhance long-term competitiveness. Key to this transformation is the adoption of robust credit risk management frameworks, a disciplined focus on enterprise risk management, adherence to international standards, and active cost management across the entire organization, argues Michael Okwusogu, Managing Partner and Head of Financial Services at Value X Partners


Globally, the insurance industry is a critical component of the financial services sector, providing risk management and protection to individuals and businesses, funding capital-intensive infrastructure projects and long-term shareholders of listed firms, to name but a few of the activities they are involved in. Long-term contracts and a wide range of products characterise the industry, including life, health, property, and liability insurance. It is highly regulated, with specific rules and requirements for insurers to operate and manage risk. Like all other industries, the global insurance industry is undergoing significant transformation, driven by digitisation, and this represents, for Ethiopia, a window of opportunity to radically re-design its insurance industry, further driving the changes experienced in the banking sector.

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