A marching band constitutes a group of musicians that perform while marching. It is common to see March bands adding the element of entertainment in different occasions. Most marching bands have attractive uniforms often of a military style. Instrument typically incorporated in a marching band includes brass, woodwind and percussion. In Ethiopia, marching bands have a history of more than 75 years.. The Defense and Federal Police March bands are the most known in the country. EBR’s Hiwot Selalew consulted professionals and documents to offer this report.


Holidays spice up social life as they add flavour to a rather dry and dull routine daily life. They not only bring people together to create shared values but also reaffirm social bond and solidarity. However, due to economic, social and demographic changes, holiday celebrations are fading away in Ethiopia especially in urban areas like Addis Ababa. Hiwot Selalew explores the evolutions.


Mezgebu Tesema, a contemporary painter, is known for his real life reflections mainly from rural livelihood. Though many regard him as a realist painter, he prefers not to be regarded as a practitioner in a category. Mezgebu is known for his 10square meter painting – Nigise ‘ንግሥ’ – a highly festive event of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.
A number of professionals in the field appriciate that Mezgebu’s look for details is vividly demonstrated in his fascinating work of art. His pictures release aroma of the New Year and fragrance of the breaking new days. EBR’s Hiwot Salelew sat with the silent painter to discuss his perspectives and highlight the career trajectory of a distinguished Ethiopian painter.


Lack of Appropriate Policy Thwarts the Development of Social Enterprises

In many developing countries like Ethiopia, there are countless social problems to be addressed. These causes used to attract major sponsorships from donors in Europe, North America, Far East Asia and Australia. However, with the Syrian refugee crises taking the major global agenda, and Ethiopia having put in place a proclamation which affects the financial resources of civil societies in 2008, donations for civil society organizations is declining. This has pushed CSOs to look for alternative revenue generation schemes such as engaging in social businesses and looking for creative fundraising strategies to fill the funding gap. EBR’s Hiwot Salelew explores the issue.


Girma Beyene’s Comeback after Three Decades

Girma Beyene, a man of touching passion and respect for love, is once again in studio. Very uncommon in Ethiopia, this refined artist is known for singing for his beloved wife.
Girma is one of the stars from the 1960s and 70s, known as the golden age of Ethiopian music. Though he plays across several genres, Girma is especially passionate about Jazz. He has already set a profound legacy in the genre. Girma, a popular Ethiopian lyricist, composer, arranger, vocalist, and pianist, recently released an album entitled Ethiopiques 30 – Mistakes on Purpose. EBR’s Hiwot Salelew discusses bout his resonate contributions to the Ethiopian music, his new album and some personal issues to prepare the profile of the living legend.


A mental illness is a health problem that changes the thinking, emotion or behaviour or a combination of these in an individual. Globally, mental disorders are common, with over a third of patients in many countries reporting sufficient cases. As a result, countries employ multifaceted strategies to treat the illness.
Introducing the first metal health strategy in 2010, Ethiopia embarked on addressing the problem. Unlike the past, where patients receive treatment only in St. Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital, all public hospitals, health centres and some private medical institutions are giving treatments for mental illness as of recently. EBR’s Hiwot Selalew explores this new development.


One-of-a-Kind Talent Show Training Center

Talent shows are recent phenomena in Ethiopia. Even then, most of them are short lived. Yet, one show, Yemaleda Kokeboch, has remained in the business and launched its fourth edition recently. The producer of the show, Medaf Multimedia has further taken an initiative to establish a training centre to train the next generation of artists. EBR’s Hiwot Salelew visited the centre to discuss with its director, students and juries for this report.


Flexible packaging materials are known for making products more convenient, enjoyable, and safer for consumers. These add value and marketability especially to food and beverage products.
Triggered by the country’s ambitious plan of industrialization, the demand for flexible packaging is growing in Ethiopia. However, the few companies in the country produce less than 10Pct of the local demand. EBR’s Hiwot Salelew explores the pushing factors for the surge in demand and how companies are responding to this.


In Addis Ababa, where a third of Ethiopia’s urban population reside, a considerable number of people live in vulnerable and highly depleted houses and slum neighbourhoods. Not a small number of people also live without even the minimum liveable shelter – near riversides, garbage dumpsites and streets. These people are exposed to numerous health and life risks. The recent garbage dump landslide at Koshe, which killed 115 people and injured 54, is an unfortunate reminder of the risk. The summer will exacerbate the risk of flooding and communicable diseases. EBR’s Hiwot Salelew explores the extent of the problem; and the city’s preparedness to address that.


A Source of Extra Income for Many is Becoming a Growing Threat in Ethiopia

Prostitution is the practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment or some benefit. Although the ‘profession’ is as old as human history, it still attracts many, including teenage girls. One fact may surprise a lot – those who engage in the practice are not all economically deprived. Quite a good number of them, in fact, engage in the business to earn extra money necessary to live a ‘luxury’ life. EBR’s Hiwot Salelew explores the issue to offer this report.

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