Consider the first impression in businesses like your first love-you rarely forget them. And most of the time it boils down to simple,  yet very important gestures. Business cards are at the pinnacle of this first impression because that is the first personification of you and your company.

Knowing how to properly mingle and connect with people is an important part of the professional presence and business etiquette. Business card is about business networking and making connections. Some of the worst mistakes at networking events happen to people that don’t understand how to use their business cards.


Investment is a vital engine for economic growth and socio economic transformation. It is one of the main considerations for policy makers, whenever economic development is formulated. Investment incentives to be accorded and the details of the laws and regulations governing the application of the investment policy may vary, depending on the time and circumstance or prevailing socio economic dynamics. The same is true for our investment laws including the latest one: investment proclamation number 769 /2012 and regulation number 270/2012.

Protocol and Etiquette

In contemporary world, thorough knowledge and use of proper manners is essential for establishing good relationships at all levels of interaction. Although standards for proper behavior have existed since the beginning of time, protocol and etiquette are the means by which good relationships are maintained and accomplished by implementing these conventional standards.

A lack of knowledge about protocol and etiquette results in offending others and hurting our business.

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