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Ashenafi SemuAshenafi SemuFebruary 17, 2019


Steve Jobs, a prominent figure in technology, and the man who revolutionized the consumer electronics industry, had something to say about his customers – the customers who brought the products of his company, Apple, worth a trillion dollar fortune. He said, “Customers don’t know what they want until we show them.”

Dawit Arega (MBA -IB)Dawit Arega (MBA -IB)February 17, 2019


The financial sector in Ethiopia, and particularly banks, do hardly any work towards developing future CEOs. You might argue that this is anecdotal evidence, but I have surveyed various bank executives to find out if there is an ongoing, constant, and systematic process of development and discernment. Rather, I have found out that it is a time – limited event which it is not driven by the strategy and core values of the banks, and it does involve the intentional engagement of all of board members. To be specific, most banks, for instance, grapple with CEO succession when there is a real need to find a CEO.

Ashenafi SemuAshenafi SemuFebruary 17, 2019


Customers are what keep a business alive. Coming up with a business idea, doing research, making plans, and executing the business- this should all be done with customers in mine. Once the business has identified a problem to solve for the customers, has understood its niche market, and has decided how to reach out to customers, it can be up and running. But many fledgling businesses run into a problem here. Days and weeks, and even months go by, but only a few customers have come in, nowhere close to the targeted numbers.

Tsegaye Tegenu (PhD)Tsegaye Tegenu (PhD)January 15, 2019


Inspired by the current political change in Ethiopia, economists, political scientists and ordinary people have started to search for a new strategic economic plan for the country. After reading every thought-provoking suggestions made by others, I feel discomfort to remain silent on the subject which I closely studied. The present and future economic situation of the country is such that it compels us to spark off a debate on issues related to strategic economic roadmap; it is high time now to embrace a new direction.

Ashenafi SemuAshenafi SemuJanuary 15, 2019


Businesspeople are in business to see the change they want to bring to the world. They know what you want to achieve and walked some steps to achieve that. Two things might happen. Their business might get attention and a lot of customers may love it and adopt it very fast. It is also possible that, despite all the efforts and endeavors, they are nowhere close to their goal. There is nothing pleasing than seeing your products or services being appreciated and gain traction. The products we got from Microsoft, Apple and Google, Facebook are examples of this. They succeeded in being the mainstream of hardware, software, search engine and social media. They set the trend of their business.

Hruy TsegayeHruy TsegayeDecember 16, 2018

Towards Sustainable Tech Markets

In Ethiopia, it is customary to confuse technology as a by-product of development. Unfortunately, it is not only the average Joe or Jane who holds this erroneous belief, but most government officials and policymakers along with administrators in the public universities. Yet, technology is a tool for development.

The confusion, is partly rooted in the mix up between marketable tech products and technology. This article addresses the issues concerned with the prior; is there a room for a sustainable tech market in Ethiopia?

Tekie Alemu (PhD)Tekie Alemu (PhD)December 15, 2018


In Ethiopia, shortages in the availability of foreign exchange, also known as a foreign exchange crunch, has beenone of the pressing economic agendas for quite some time, and has lead to heated discussions. In response to the prevailing shortages, the government has recently taken some measures that aim to ameliorate the problem. Two actions standout in this regard: a fast crackdown on black market operators, and controlling the foreign currency that exits through Bole International Airport and boarder areas. As a result, confiscation of large amounts of foreign currencies (at least from the perspective of individual stances) continues to be reported.

Roger E.A. FarmerRoger E.A. FarmerOctober 15, 2018


Last month, I was invited to speak at the York Festival of Ideas, an annual forum for debating alternative, predominantly progressive policy goals. I talked about my work on asset-price stabilization. Andy Wood of the consultancy Grant Thornton spoke about inclusiveness in business, Neil McInroy of the Center for Local and Economic Strategies discussed local organizing, and Ander Etxeberria of the Mondragon Corporation told us about their employee-owned cooperatives in the Basque Country. But, most importantly, Wanda Wyporska of The Equality Trust gave a fascinating talk about the principle of “equality for all.”

Barry EichengreenBarry EichengreenOctober 15, 2018


US President Donald Trump’s erratic unilateralism represents nothing less than abdication of global economic and political leadership. Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, his rejection of the Iran nuclear deal, his tariff war, and his frequent attacks on allies and embrace of adversaries have rapidly turned the United States into an unreliable partner in upholding the international order.

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