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Mikias MerhatsidkFebruary 4, 2019


Mengistu Worku, the late renowned Ethiopian Footballer, ones said, ‘‘we used to play for the passion of the sport not for the money that we get from it’’ and he reminisced about how the late Yidnekachew Tessema, refered by some as the father of Ethiopian football, used to give him ten or twenty five cents for transport after training. Such stories were common in the amateurish, early stage of the ‘beautiful game’ in Ethiopia. In those days, formal organization and structure were absent, but recently, following the trend in other sectors of the economy, some changes are occurring in the Ethiopian football, though it still has a long way to go before becoming fully professional.

Abiy WendifrawAbiy WendifrawApril 15, 2018


The Confederation of African Football unanimously decided in 2017 that Ethiopia would host the CHAN (African Nations Championship) tournament, set to take place in two years. Although Ethiopia is investing a considerable amount of money in the construction of stadiums, insiders indicate that more work is needed to meet the requirements set by the CAF and to have the stadiums ready by 2020. EBR adjunct writer Abiy Wondifraw looks into the amount of headway Ethiopia has made in regards to this matter, and tries to decipher whether or not the outlook for CHAN Ethiopia, is good.

Abiy WendifrawAbiy WendifrawMarch 15, 2018


After two decades of obscurity, handball is regaining ground in the world of Ethiopian sport. This year, for the first time in the country’s history, a handball premier league competition has been set up. The competition involves 10 clubs and is a milestone; a significant step taken not only to restore the sport’s former popularity in the country, but also to advance its status. EBR adjunct writer Abiy Wondifraw looks into the sport that’s making a comeback.

Abiy WendifrawAbiy WendifrawNovember 1, 2017


It is now already four years since the Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy opened its doors to train young talents and bring an elevated performance amongst Ethiopian athletes and other sports persons. At the beginning of the current fiscal year, 148 young athletes graduated from the Academy in ten disciplines after four years of training. Overall, close to 500 individuals received trainings since May 2013. However, the achievements of the academy are full of contrasts. While some trainees secure contracts even before completing their training others are becoming just Certificate of Competence holders. EBR’s Adjunct writer Abiy Wondifraw explores the issue to report this.

Mikias MerhatsidkAugust 15, 2013


These days, for sport fans around the globe, emotional stress is not the only negative impact of watching one’s team lose a game.  More and more joe-sport watcher joins the ranks of those who bet on different sports as sport has become more than just a hobby. It will not take long before Ethiopian sport fans could join this growing international scene.

A new company, Dagoo Sports Betting PLC, is on a promotion campaign to introduce a new business in the country. The company has established the first betting platform for Ethiopian football fanatics to wedge on their favorite international teams. It also plans to include local games in the Ethiopian Premier League in the future.

Berihun MekonnenJuly 15, 2013


Prominent athletic victories by their athletes have made Ethiopians stand tall. People from all walks of life have come together to celebrate these heroes and watch the national flag be lifted high. Thanks to recent athletic accomplishments, Ethiopia has started being recognized for enduring runners and captivating stories instead of famine and poverty.

These days however, their glory in the international sporting arena is not the only way they are working to make their country better. Several of the country’s heroes and heroines in the Olympics and World Championships as well as other international competitions have started investing their hard earned prize money back into businesses.

Abiy WendifrawAbiy WendifrawNovember 1, 2012


For most, the Olympics is just a huge sporting event. But for some, it is more than that. Some sport pundits love to compare nations’ status in the Olympic medal table with the level of their global power. At some stage, during the cold war, the relative power of United States and Soviet Union were usually evaluated by the number of (Gold, Silver and Bronze) medals they scored in the Olympics. In the last three Olympics though, it has been China and America competing for the supremacy in the biggest event of the globe.

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