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Ashenafi EndaleJune 15, 2018

The Rise of A Megacity

Lagos, the financial and commercial capital of Nigeria is a city in the middle of great changes. Although it covers less than one percent of Nigeria’s territorial land mass, it accounts for over 60Pct of industrial and commercial activities in the nation. Even based on the city’s 2015 gross domestic product of USD136 billion taken, it has become the 5th largest economy in Africa. While visiting Lagos, EBR’s Ashenafi Endale explores the city’s prospects for further economic growth.

Ashenafi EndaleApril 15, 2018


Semera, the capital city of Afar regional state is a microcosm of the region. Growing construction and rising populations are propelling the young capital into the modern age. Investment potential, natural history and other assets are pushing people towards Semera. However, there are still roadblocks ahead for the young city. The reluctance of investors, lack of foreign currency and (growth notwithstanding) a small population, threaten to slow the massive potential that the city, and the regional state as a whole, have. EBR’s Ashenafi Endale was on the scene to explore this growing hub.

Berihun MekonnenAugust 15, 2013


Seeing how the newly constructed eight lane road on Africa Avenue is swamped with cars at rush hours gives an indication as to what is happening in the city’s car market. Every day more than 40,000 cars of different models and brands pass through this corridor alone. Yet this is not unique to this specific street. Every major road in the city is seen crowded with cars almost all the time. As the number of urbanites who are joining the ranks of the middle class is increasing so do the number of cars.

Berihun MekonnenJuly 15, 2013


Worku Girma spent nearly two years looking, unsuccessfully, for work after graduating in Law from Wollega University, one of the recently established higher institutions in the country. Back then, he would probably never have imagined that he would be a designer at a shoe factory for a Chinese company. Yet, that was what happened after he completed three weeks of training the company gives for new employees. He currently works for Huajian International Shoe City, which is one of the companies nested in the Eastern Industrial Zone.

Mikias MerhatsidkJuly 15, 2013


Almost 100 years before Columbus discovered America, a Chinese explorer named Zheng He (also known as Cheng Ho) led seven expeditions from China all the way to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. His ships are said to dwarf anything sailed by later European explorers and continue to amaze today. In all, it is estimated that he had between 48 to 317 ships with a crew of over 28,000 men. During each of Zheng’s voyages, he brought back diplomats from other countries or encouraged ambassadors to go to the capital Nanjing on their own, according to historical records.


The foreign direct investment  (FDI) in Ethiopia, in 2011/12, was hugely dominated by two countries. Perhaps, contrary to what many people might think, Turkey and India took 58.75 per cent of the total FDI capital registered in the last fiscal year. If we see the data of only the top 10 total capital, the two countries’ contribution increases to more than 81 per cent. In terms of job opportunities, 62 Indian projects which created employment opportunities for 46,131 people (over 28 per cent of the total jobs FDI brought in the year) leads the group, while Turkish investors with 22 projects created 12,004 people is the  second. Investment from neighbouring Sudan which created 11,645 jobs was the third.

Seyoum GetuSeyoum GetuNovember 1, 2012


Last September showed the coming of series of business delegations to Addis Ababa from East. One of the delegates was from small but industrialized country, Singapore. The Singapore’s delegation, which consisted of 20 bossiness people, focused to get dealers from Ethiopia for construction machineries, caterpillars, and agro-processing materials. They also wanted to identify suppliers of spice products. The mission also planned to engage in shipping and logistic sectors to ease trade activities they want to undertake in Ethiopia.

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