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On April 3, 2018, Members of the Parliament convened to endorse Abiy Ahmed (PhD), as Prime Minister of Ethiopia. This filled the vacuum created by the resignation of former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who announced his decision to step down in mid-February with the hope of ending the unrest and political upheaval that has rocked the country since 2015.



In the midst of frosty relations between the United States and Russia, outgoing US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Minister of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov both visited Addis Ababa in the begining of March. Both ministers met with Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Workeneh Gebeyehu, although there were no formal meetings between Lavrov and Tillerson. Relations between the United States and Russia have taken a notably frosty turn since the election of President Donald Trump last year and allegations of Russian meddling in the US election. Although the presidents of both countries denied any meddling, 13 Russians were indicted in mid-February for interfering in the US election.


Ethiopian Airlines has secured USD 22 million loan from the PTA Bank, the Eastern and Southern Africa Trade and Development Bank on Monday, September 9, 2012. The loan will go to financing the first phase of the Airlines housing project which aims to build 1,192 houses for its employees, according to Ethiopian CEO Tewelde Gebre-Mariam.

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