South Africa’s Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus Jumps to 927

South Africa confirms 218 cases of coronavirus today, bringing the total to 927. A statement released by the country’s Ministry of Health revealed that 409 of the cases were confirmed in Gauteng and 229 in Western Cape, while the remaining were in seven provinces of the country.

President of the country, Cyril Ramaphosa, urged richer countries to assist African nations deal with the economic fallout, house before the beginning of a 21-day lockdown that is going to be applicable starting from Friday.

“We now have more than 900 people who are infected, as the minister told me, and we fear that it might rise even much further than that,” the president said in Pretoria. “We as Africa have called upon the countries of the G20, particularly the more developed economies, to support stimulus packages to Africa.

Ramaphosa also underwent a test two days ago on the advice of doctors and he received a negative result yesterday.


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