There is a new found love for hiking in Addis Ababa. Suddenly, expats and Ethiopia’s emerging middle class have started to gather themselves in groups and hike the mountains in and around Addis Ababa. The activity has picked up pace in the past few years and companies have now jumped in to tap into this growing business. EBR’s Kiya Ali looks into the growth of the business and the challenges it is prevailing over.


Yared School of Music is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. The School has achieved a lot over its 74 years of service. Institutions that operate for such a long time mostly transcend to a higher level of excellence and push themselves further to explore the possibilities that could shape the future. However, the situation in Yared does not seem to adhere with that. EBR’s Kiya Ali explores.


COVID-19 has steadily expanded its empire around the world, claiming all national territories as its victims. Although some of these nations suspended their sporting activities at different times, they have almost entirely succumbed to the anti-social traits of the virus. It has been weeks since sports competitions were suspended in Ethiopia. EBR’s Abiy Wendifraw looks into the struggle to stay afloat in the country’s athletics and football federations.

As it spread from one country to another, the novel coronavirus paid no attention to national frontiers or “big, beautiful” border walls. Nor were the ensuing economic effects contained. As has been obvious since the outset, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global problem that demands a global solution.

COVID-19 could trigger a global shift and therefore alter our ‘normal’ in the following ways. It potentially presents a new cultural hegemony that could threaten the current world order and economy. It also challenges current social aspects such as lifestyle, values and perceptions. The management of the pandemic has also shifted the narrative on leadership and crisis management acumen.

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