Income inequality has been increasing in most major economies – and in many of them, it has been increasing significantly. This is a cause for growing concern, and rightly so: inequality not only can undermine an economy’s long-term growth prospects; it can restrain growth in the short term by depressing aggregate demand.


Ethiopia has enjoyed a centuries-old tradition of oral histories that depict the lives of characters for the sake of promoting a particular moral or ethical lesson, especially for young children. However, scholars note that this tradition is slowly dying, especially in an increasingly interconnected world in which young kids are exposed to stories from other cultures and countries, sometimes to the exclusion of traditional local stories. Some artists and storytellers are trying to preserve this tradition, but it is proven to be a more difficult task than some may think. EBR’s Meseret Mamo spoke with individuals close to this subject in order to learn more about what is being done to preserve the nation’s folklore tradition.

Major issues to consider

One of the greatest achievements of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) in his short stay in power is bringing peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which is an excellent political and diplomatic success. This is also a smart political move on his part to fight established interest groups who could stand against his reform. His visits to Egypt, the UAE and Saudi is also a predictable political underpinning for the success.

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