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Ethiopian Business Review

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SNV Ethiopia is responsible for managing the National Biogas Programme. In the first and second phases of the programme, SNV Ethiopia managed to distribute 18,000 bio-digesters over the last 10 yearswhile in the third  and scale up phases the organization plans to distribute 36,000 bio-digesters. EBR sat down with Worku Behonegne, country director of SNV Ethiopia to learn more about the Programme.

Top 10 Airlines in the World, 2018

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 16:24 Published in Statistics

Airhelp, a company known for providing legal services to airline passengers who have experienced flight cancellations, delays or overbooking, ranked airlines all over the world in terms of quality of service, on-time arrival performance and claims processing. While the highest scorer in the world was Qatar Airways, South African Airways was the leading airline in Africa. On the other hand, of the 13 lowest scoring carriers on AirHelp’s ranking, six were European, including Easy Jet, Iberia Spain and Wowair.

Investment Risks in Djibouti

Saturday, 07 July 2018 05:59 Published in Investment

Over the past two decades, Djibouti has taken steps to open up to foreign investment, and become a regional trans-shipment hub. Its strategic location near the Bab el-Mandeb strait – through which one third of seaborne global trade passes on its way to the Suez Canal – and decades of peace and political stability compared to its immediate neighbors has played in Djibouti’s favor among international investors.