Ethiopia’s Ranking in the World Bank’s “Ease of Business Doing” Indicator, in Terms of Specific Components.

According to the 10 indicators that constitute the overall ranking, Ethiopia has shown mixed results with huge differences among the indicators. The country relatively performs better when it comes to indicators like construction permits, access to electricity and legal issues. It has also shown better performance in availing finance for businesses in the last year. But the nation continues to be a hard place to get business license and establish a company, and trade across borders. This difficulty of conducting international trade can be explained by the dismal logistical facility in the country in addition to its lack of its own port.

But all in all, do these numbers mean anything? Quantifying almost everything seems both the strength and weakness of Economics. But in this globalized economic order and the growing need for uniform scales, there seems to be no two way about it. So the government must take such information seriously and strive to better the country’s standing in the international competition for foreign direct investment.

Source:World Bank
Topic Rankings 2013 Rank 2012 Rank
Starting a Business 163 163
Dealing with Construction Permits 53 57
Getting Electricity 94 94
Registering Property 112 116
Getting Credit 104 152
Protecting Investors 128 124
Paying Taxes 103 58
Trading Across Borders 161 160
Enforcing Contracts 50 48
Resolving Insolvency 117 93


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