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Meseret Mamo

Meseret Mamo

Guzo Adwa Creating a Historical Awakening

Thursday, 15 March 2018 09:00 Published in Art & Life

The victory at Adwa is an important achievement that represents Ethiopian unity. However, the virtues that historic battle -- unity, freedom, equality and justice -- seem to be eroding. Guzo Adwa is trying to reinvigorate the Ethiopian public through an annual journey to the battle site. EBR’s adjunct writer, Meseret Mamo explores how the annual trip inspires Ethiopian youth to learn from the heroes of Adwa.

Ethiopia has a long tradition of creating artistic works that critique society and politics. One such artistic work currently on stage, is Festalen, widely known among the public after the character–Eyayu Fungus. The one-man-show has been wowing audiences since its debut in 2014. EBR’s adjunct writer Meseret Mamo attended the show at the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences on December 16.

Cafes that exhibit artwork have long been a staple in Europe and the Americas. The trend is also starting to arise in Addis Ababa. EBR’s Meseret Mamo profiles a few cafes in Addis Ababa that are starting to exhibit the artwork of up-and-coming artists.