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The nutritional benefits of teff are making food scientists, chefs and celebrities around the world take notice. The grain, which is a staple in Ethiopia cuisine, is poised to become the world’s next ‘super food.’ But before it can reach the international acclaim of other grains, like quinoa, wheat and barley, questions about whether or not it can be exported from Ethiopia and what that will mean for this country’s economy need to be asked. EBR’s Yoseph Mekonnen explores the issue further. 

Graduation Comes, Suit Business Booms

Friday, 15 August 2014 03:00 Published in Focus

The economic development of Ethiopia has helped propel some people into the middle class. With that, come an increasing number of students who attend institutions of higher learning.  For men graduating from college, many will look to suit manufacturers to get their first professional outfit before entering the workforce. EBR’s staff writer Yoseph Mekonnen explores the extent to which these suit manufacturers are up for the challenge of meeting new demand for suits. 

It’s no secret that the Internet has changed the way companies do business. E-payment in particular has helped multinational companies like Amazon and e-Bay expand their enterprises and become household names. However, as EBR’s staff writer Yoseph Mekonnen reports, while on-line marketing has increased in Ethiopia, it still has a long way to go.