Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

The Ethiopian Business Review (EBR) is a new English business magazine. It will be published every two months by Champion Communications. We just started the magazine at a time Ethiopia is undergoing historic changes.

It is so saddening that Ethiopia lost Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, its present architect at this point of time. Meles lived and served the cause he believed in. That was worthwhile. Through the way, he has done many great things. Although his passing away at the age of 57 is so saddening, Meles has accomplished much that would keep his legacy alive. On behalf of our editorial team and myself, I would like to extend our deep grief. We wish his soul to rest in peace.

Now, I would like to introduce you the Ethiopian Business Review magazine. It promotes private sector development in Ethiopia. The magazine has one goal: to be a source of top-notch ideas for people creating, leading, and transforming the Ethiopian Private Sector. To that end, it publishes research-based articles on diverse issues such as Business Leadership, Enterprise Development, Organisational Change, Human Capital, International Trade, Political Economy, Finance, Tax, Customs, Public Sector Development and others.

Ethiopian Business Review magazine believes that it’s most important asset will be the trust of its readers, online visitors and viewers in the credibility of information and insights we provide. We believe that our future depends upon preserving and enhancing this trust. We will always work keeping this in mind.

In this first edition, we have several articles. One of our articles examines underemployment, which has become common in Ethiopia in recent days. We also explored Ethiopia’s export performance in 2011/12. In this article we have identified factors which challenged foreign trade performance in the year.

Our interview section has Wro. Mulu Solomon, President of ECCSA , as its first guest. Optimist Mulu spoke to our Editorial team on a number of issues surrounding the private sector in Ethiopia. We hope that you will enjoy it. We have also several other articles including columns written by distinguished personalities.

As we launch this magazine, we have so many good institutions and people to thank. We are especially thankful to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority, which processed our professional licence registration with good sense of assistance. We also have to say thank you to Prof. Alemayehu Geda, Ato Andualem Tegegne and Ato Abebe Asamere who accepted our request for having them as our regular contributors. The same goes to Addisu Deresse and Kirubel Tadesse.

We would also like to thank our committed editorial members, the graphic and layout design and administrative staff whose combined commitment was very important to have the magazine published. Last but not least we would like to thank Ato Girma Redda, Wro. Misrak Beneberu and Ato Dimiru Alemayehu and others who consistently check the progress of this publication and offered unreserved assistance in every step of the way.

We know that we should improve the content and visual presentation of the magazine in subsequent editions. What we have for now is just a beginning. We hope readers will take this into account. And we would like to request you all to send us your valuable reflections so that we keep improving in every edition.

I thank you for reading our magazine

Amanyehun R. Sisay


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